Indigo Children Facts

There are theories that there is a group of children with special abilities called Indigo Children. SMH, this could get NSFW but this is what people see.  Concept based on the Nancy Ann Tappe book believes that children are born with a biological connection to their own spirituality. It is said that they are born after 1995, but some consider that starting point could be even 1980’s. They have affinity to rocks and stones, but they are certainly aware of water, clouds, the moon, ocean, and atmosphere.  Seeing this stuff is like HIFW something strange happens. 

The indigo children are known to have higher sensitivity hence are highly allergic to foreign substances, but not necessarily cats and dogs and horses. These children may have intuitive abilities, psychic or telepathic traits. These children have heightened emotions. They are usually loners and strong willed. Most of such children are known to be right brain dominated. Most indigo children are creative. These children have a strong spiritual inclination. The indigo child has superior healing capabilities. Most of these children have amazing sense of balance. Skeptics believe that Indigo children have attention deficit disorder (ADD) combined with hyperactivity and that parents like to believe that their kids are special.

“Indigo Children” by Nancy Ann Tappe is a young adult novel with the lead character named Faith. The story begins with her coming of age in a new home. Faith can see in her left eye, but she knows it is not an ordinary eye. Through the characters that come into her life and the teachings of Dr. Grigori Rasputin, Faith comes to terms with her abilities.

This is a fun and exciting children’s book that introduce the main character in an original way. As a parent, I found this to be a good fit for my four-year-old son. The story also provides a positive and spiritual influence for the reader to experience. For parents, I hope you enjoy this fun and inspiring children’s book.

The basic plot of the book is Faith and the small group of Indigo children is searching for the secret, buried in the rocks and stones beneath their town. As we read the story, we learn more about Faith and her friends. We learn that the young children are intelligent, artistic, and gifted. They have all been born in Indigo, Missouri, which is the native tongue of all the Indigo children. This story is very unique and interesting for children who love stories about nature and the outdoors.

The children have been thrown together because of a tragic accident that resulted in the death of a baby. All of the children had been orphaned, yet they all have close friends. This is an unusual setting, as children are often thrown together at a young age, but it creates a good story for parents who want to read books for their children.

Nancy Ann Tappe’s characters include several, but I liked the voices of Grace, Eliza, and Riley, as well as Maddy, the smallest girl. Nancy Ann Tappe’s use of pictures added to the book and gave it an image of its own. I really enjoyed the pictures that were included and did not want to stop reading. A number of the pictures in the book were found on the Internet, and I wanted to discover where they came from. It is nice to find a children’s book that comes with such a wealth of information.

The Indigo children have many adventures to share with each other. Many of the stories seem quite familiar, and the characters and the setting are familiar. The only difference is the use of Nancy Ann Tappe’s writing style. I enjoyed the changes that she made in order to appeal to her readers. She has created a very good book, so I do not know if it will be successful for younger children. Younger children can feel comfortable reading this book, but they may want to skip some of the additional information found in the book.

I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a good children’s book. I enjoyed this story, but I was not impressed with the images and words that were providing to help me enjoy the story. There were a number of times when I felt like the story was confusing and had me on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next. I would recommend this book to those who enjoy history books, as well as those who want to read about a Native American Indian tribe. These young readers can have fun while learning about their own history.

I enjoyed the characters and the setting of “Indigo Children.” The children have a lot of adventure, and I enjoyed the story, but I was not satisfied with the images and the story. If you want a fun book with good literature, then I recommend you consider this book for your child.

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