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There are theories that there is a group of children with special abilities called Indigo Children. SMH, this could get NSFW but this is what people see.  Concept based on the Nancy Ann Tappe book believes that children are born with a biological connection to their own spirituality. It is said that they are born after 1995, but some consider that starting point could be even 1980’s. They have affinity to rocks and stones, but they are certainly aware of water, clouds, the moon, ocean, and atmosphere.  Seeing this stuff is like HIFW something strange happens. 

The indigo children are known to have higher sensitivity hence are highly allergic to foreign substances, but not necessarily cats and dogs and horses. These children may have intuitive abilities, psychic or telepathic traits. These children have heightened emotions. They are usually loners and strong willed. Most of such children are known to be right brain dominated. Most indigo children are creative. These children have a strong spiritual inclination. The indigo child has superior healing capabilities. Most of these children have amazing sense of balance. Skeptics believe that Indigo children have attention deficit disorder (ADD) combined with hyperactivity and that parents like to believe that their kids are special.

“Indigo Children” by Nancy Ann Tappe is a young adult novel with the lead character named Faith. The story begins with her coming of age in a new home. Faith can see in her left eye, but she knows it is not an ordinary eye. Through the characters that come into her life and the teachings of Dr. Grigori Rasputin, Faith comes to terms with her abilities.

This is a fun and exciting children’s book that introduce the main character in an original way. As a parent, I found this to be a good fit for my four-year-old son. The story also provides a positive and spiritual influence for the reader to experience. For parents, I hope you enjoy this fun and inspiring children’s book.

The basic plot of the book is Faith and the small group of Indigo children is searching for the secret, buried in the rocks and stones beneath their town. As we read the story, we learn more about Faith and her friends. We learn that the young children are intelligent, artistic, and gifted. They have all been born in Indigo, Missouri, which is the native tongue of all the Indigo children. This story is very unique and interesting for children who love stories about nature and the outdoors.

The children have been thrown together because of a tragic accident that resulted in the death of a baby. All of the children had been orphaned, yet they all have close friends. This is an unusual setting, as children are often thrown together at a young age, but it creates a good story for parents who want to read books for their children.

Nancy Ann Tappe’s characters include several, but I liked the voices of Grace, Eliza, and Riley, as well as Maddy, the smallest girl. Nancy Ann Tappe’s use of pictures added to the book and gave it an image of its own. I really enjoyed the pictures that were included and did not want to stop reading. A number of the pictures in the book were found on the Internet, and I wanted to discover where they came from. It is nice to find a children’s book that comes with such a wealth of information.

The Indigo children have many adventures to share with each other. Many of the stories seem quite familiar, and the characters and the setting are familiar. The only difference is the use of Nancy Ann Tappe’s writing style. I enjoyed the changes that she made in order to appeal to her readers. She has created a very good book, so I do not know if it will be successful for younger children. Younger children can feel comfortable reading this book, but they may want to skip some of the additional information found in the book.

I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a good children’s book. I enjoyed this story, but I was not impressed with the images and words that were providing to help me enjoy the story. There were a number of times when I felt like the story was confusing and had me on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next. I would recommend this book to those who enjoy history books, as well as those who want to read about a Native American Indian tribe. These young readers can have fun while learning about their own history.

I enjoyed the characters and the setting of “Indigo Children.” The children have a lot of adventure, and I enjoyed the story, but I was not satisfied with the images and the story. If you want a fun book with good literature, then I recommend you consider this book for your child.

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  1. really? this is the first time i heard this indigo children… were all indigo children are aware to their special abilities? i’m hoping that i’m one of those children xD lol

  2. my name is Patricia and i have dreams that come true and i wanted to know if you know any thing about that im 37 years old and iv never dreamed of any thing that was important like saving some ones life or any thing like that but i have dreamed of my love one that died and how they died iv done this ever since i was 3 i hope you can help me i just don’t under stand why i can do this and not able to help any one thank you for your time

    from oklahoma

  3. Now to these children somewhere for 15 years. It would be interesting to get acquainted with somebody from such children. It is a pity that till now I did not meet similar children.

  4. Reffering to Patricia’s comments. I have the same problem. For years I have been seeing dreams and very horrific ones, which end up coming true. I dont know who to speak to. Or what is the solution.

  5. I had severals dreams that came to reality, I’m 25% maya indian and born in 1991. I have dreams about things that going to happen around me, and often it feels like super uber dj vu when they acctualy happen.
    4 days ago I had a dream of getting run over by a car with a license plate nr bm4787. Luckuly telepathic powers is BS :p ’cause in the dream it hurted like hell XD
    I think it’s all coincidence and I’m a skeptic to any telepathic BS.

    parents like to believe that their kids are special.

  6. Indigo children also remember choosing their parents. They got to decide who their parents were. (According to them).
    I am not an Indigo child, but I have done research. I also believe the girl I used to babysit is one.

  7. Is it kinda weird that alot of these descriptions are an exact epitome of myself?

    To MOMO
    I also have some weird dejavu that constantly happens throughout my life ever since I was little. Something really indescribable but its never been anything like getting run over by a car.

  8. I have ADHD I’m to young to reveal my age (between 7&13) I am also in gifted learning program not learning support vice versa I have noticed I can heal haedaches I am wondering if i am one of these childeren

  9. deviruichi wrote: #
    really? this is the first time i heard this indigo children… were all indigo children are aware to their special abilities? i’m hoping that i’m one of those children xD lol

    im 1 of those indigo children and its true we are more emotionly spirtualy psychic/telepathicly more then rest of ppl some are “stronger” then others idk about other indigos but im able to sense eltricicty aborb and disperse it willingly like to turn on a computer or to recharge a battery for a short time sadly cant shoot lighting outa my hands lol but its enought to turn things on and to recharge batteries for afew mins longer also able to sense others emotions sometimes too much it affects of mentally and bodily and the highly allergic to foreign substances is true also im allergic to my own sweat and others sweat ppl and animals and the mentality thing is true too idk if its up there but there are somethings sites dont mention if 1s on psychic/telepathic abilites are at a peak dreams can affect em bodily also kinda like freddy cruager but not dying just have bodily signs like i dreamt i was slashed across the back by some large animal and when i woke up there was blood all over my bed from gash marks on my back and nother time shot in the chest with darts and woke up and there are pin pricks right where i got hit and others can me bruises or hand marks or anyother kinda mark on there body all depends on how strongly there “tuned” into there abilites and there are times where the abilites can become stronger for me its the full moon or when im deep in the woods and emotionlly we sense others emotions whether there right next to us or in 6-7 states away and certain areas i just cant go to or can be in for long periods of time like hospitals or graveyards sense the last emotions or thoughts of the ppl buried there or the ppl that come to visit makes us so ill almost pass out and use can see auras around ppl but not just from ppl from items to which have a deep meaning to those who owned it and tons more sadly i think i have rambled on again about this topic if u want to know anything specific can contact me at if u have any other ?s since i dont get to talk about indigos and the knowledge i have on em i tend to ramble so if u dont mind alil bit feel free to contact me

  10. i am the one of them ..but… when the people are hear this things they make fun…but this is true…this is reall facts …..about indigo kids….The kids that came from God..

  11. To Jason.

    I think you have some peculiar ability there my friend. I am not able to do as you are, but different things. I don’t bleed when cut, I crushed my hand under a half a tonne piece of equipment at work (Didn’t put a claim in because I felt extremely guilty just thinking about doing it), and my hand was fine after just two weeks, the Doctor couldn’t figure out why or how, I have full motor function back and it’s a lot tougher. I very rarely get ill. I often ‘Day dream’, as it’s called, but about things I never actually would think about, and moments later, what was in my head happens. “You spend far too much time in your room”, to quote my mother. And suffer from a chronic lack of friends, and take all insults to heart.

    And yes to all… The kids in the picture look like aliens have taken our skin. Creepy stuff *shudder*

  12. Johanna wrote: #
    Interesting theory although am I the only one slightly disturbed by the picture?

    … I thought exactly the same *shudder*

  13. thats happen to me too i bought a sword from online i put it on the shelf i bumped into it and it fell out its sheath and the blade came out and landed on my arm and it was sharp i cuz i just got down sharpening it but left no mark or cut and now i am a diabetic and i have
    to test my blood 6+ times aday on my fingers and i noticed more i stick em the hard it is to get it to bleed and its not calused or scar tissue -srry cant spell- and when i do finally get it to bleed i have to be quick or it stops b4 i can even get enough for the test and also recently have had my feeding tube out -info on it is from my 1st post too long to right again- i have had it in now for 10yrs and the docs just took it out like 5-9days ago and its 3/5ths of the way healed and talking about 10yrs of the tube in plus stomach acid burning the pathway docs even said no point in stitching it up cuz its healing so fast -basically walking around with a massive wound-and also on a diff note has any1 know/notice/tried/have done something from like some show like the avater last air bender move like tophs ability to see with her feet or narutos rasangan not actually make a spinning ball of light but actually felt the air swirl around ur hand or hinatas byakugan where u can see the persons own energy channals/pressure points i know sounds kiddish and stupid but just wondering if im not the only1 cuz i know there actaul things cuz 1 im going blind and i use tophs ability to see 2 when i do the rasangan i have asked several diff ppl if the feel the wind around my hand and said they felt it and the byakugan for massages and to help with pain just wondering if any1 else can do these and if there better at it if they could help me get better at it

  14. I am a proud mother of a child that i see very clearly as indigo. Since she was 5 years old it all came to me when someone approached me with a book called “Indigo Children” and since then it made perfect sense. I then realized all the stories her father told me of him being experimented on as he was a child… back in the 80`s it was unclear of these terms… but now I see it as it being hereditary. She is very special in the ways of creativity, very intellectual, keeping her busy is key and yet but not lease very emotional or dramatic individual.
    Its not ADD or ADHD, it`s common for these children to have those symptoms but reality of it is they are … Indigo 🙂 Do your research parents it will help your child develop into a world of greatness and they do great things in life!

  15. okay my name is Emma born june 1995 im a gemini sign of the twins i was a twin but my twin died in the womb far on in pregnancy. i have very strong de ja vu and my mummy said when i was young the things i came of with were scary and she believed i saw spirits and i am a loner i am called emo and i have very strong emotions would i be consider and indigo child?

  16. Judging by the picture i think what they mean by indigo children is children that have been given to much crack.. and emma.. no your not your just an emo

  17. Parents now are so desperate to prove that little Jaydinleigh is special. Ugh. Just give the kid a normal name and teach her as much as you can so she can REALLY prove to people someday that she’s special. Telling someone they’re perfect makes them not want to improve.

    I was born in 1991 and my parents were an early, mild example of this kind of parenting. Of course, they never told me I was shy and awkward because I was an “indigo child” or because they had read a pamphlet about autism and decided I had it. Your kid will NOT thank you.

  18. When I was a kid we called them nerds!

    You false claimers, need to shut the f@ck up and get a job.
    “but I’m emotional” yeah because you have teenage hormones running through your soft little bodies!
    Oh and intelligent my ass they can’t even spell…. WTF.

  19. Ashley wrote:
    If nobody can tell that this was a joke portrayed to the so-called “emos”.. I’m sorry for you.

    wow… I’m sorry for you. You should probably do a little more research before speaking, sweetheart.

  20. Like most of things in psychology, indigo kids theory is also subject to doubts and to be questioned. In this science, since it is people-oriented, there are numerous of facts that can affect some behaviours, researches or sth. You should not be so critical; as I study pre-school education and pshychology, I am familiar with indigo kids term and I don’t have doubts those kids do exist, it’s just very difficult and sensitive topic how to diagnose that (if we can call it “diagnosing”). It’s not cool to mock and call them emo – emo is a newage thing that teenagers came up with to justify themselves, get attention or whatever, so u cannot talk about 2yearolds in this manner. But it’s a topic too big for this page, and this comment; b4 u accuse psychologists of being ****s, do some research on your own: google , and most of all, go spend some time with kids with special … “abilities” or whatever u want to call their higher sense for people or emotion, etc…

  21. Today beacause we all live in nuclear families, children get too much attention. And the no.of children in families are also less compared to earlier days. Earlier children had to survive on their own and dint had any special privileges. But today they are spoonfed by their parents and made believe that they are special. I think this is the whole deal with the so called Indigo kids.

  22. How did your flight go, Sylvia? There’s a rellay huge difference of estimating the distance when it’s daytime or nighttime. The glow of the light seem to distract your attention and make you not take in the area of landing as a whole, not to mention if the runway is wet the reflection would make it so much harder for a newbie pilot to land a plane with ease. That’s why I believe to be able to experience real-life situations (with weather’s unpredictability and possible engine malfunction) is much important that gaining hours of flight time, but that’s more to do with pursuing a career in commercial airlines.

  23. jacob micheal wrote:

    Ashley wrote:
    If nobody can tell that this was a joke portrayed to the so-called “emos”.. I’m sorry for you.

    wow… I’m sorry for you. You should probably do a little more research before speaking, sweetheart.

    This is not a real thing. You embrace the idea because you have a pathetic need to feel special, better, or superior to other people.

  24. I am a indigo child and I’m here to say we are very real. We are the next step of humanity, and we all know why we are here, we are here to spread good vibrations and knowledge. I am very nature centered and prefer to be one with the planet. Our world as we speak is being destroyed by chem trails, pollution, big factories and any other harmful things being pumped into our air and atmosphere, Orgonite creations will disperse chem trails and pollution, and save our poor polluted planet. Be the change you want to see and lets bring our mother earth to her full potential!

    -Peace and good vibrations-

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