Seven Must Watch Thriller Web Series As COVID

Seven must watch thriller web series As COVID-19 trapped us into the limitations of a home, YouTube and OTT platforms saw the golden months of their growth curve. That’s right! That little bump on the graph was evolving into a peak, while you were enjoying your rom-coms with the side cup of coffee. Gotten used to your bed but getting bored with the cliche plots of rom-coms? We have listed the most exciting web series to start your thriller journey from. Already a thriller fan? Well, you are not as much of a fanatic as you think you are, if you don’t have these tense, smart, dramatic and Indian thriller web series on your watch list. 

1. Alisha 

Here is where fashion meets crime. Created by blush, Alisha tells the story of a girl who moves to Mumbai after 4 years in L.A. She is very crazy about fashion and a sucker for mystery. The story unfolds as she starts looking behind the strange happenings of the fashion industry. It has an IMDb rating of 7.5/10 the show is available on YouTube. 

2. Elite 

Elite is a Netflix original series. After running for 3 seasons it was renewed for the 4th. The story revolves around a bunch of teenagers whose lives get shaken by the death of their classmate. The Spanish show also throws light on social issues like discrimination, teenage depression etc. IMDb rating of the web series is 7.6/10.

3. Flower of evil. 

It follows the life of a businessman and his wife who is a detective. He lives a happy life with the picture perfect family and the ideal job. But underneath the perfect exteriors he hides some very dark secrets. The story unfolds as a case leads the detective to the realization that her husband is a psychopath. The series is available on Viki. 

4. Dark 

Ready to get your mind all twisted? Then this series is perfect for you. The story takes place in a small German town, where a kid goes missing, and another turns up dead. It has an IMDb Rating of 8.8/10. With its twists and turns, the series won’t cease to surprise you. The series follows the protagonist, Jonas as he goes into different time periods. Dark is available on Netflix. 

5. Stranger Things.

This is definitely one of those big budget series that can keep viewers on their toes with their spectacular graphics. With fans all over the world this Netflix original has an IMDb rating of 8.7/10. Because of its high budget, fans often refer to Stranger Things as a TV series rather than web series in spite of the fact that it’s a Netflix original. The series is a combination of sci-fi and thriller and tells the story of 4 kids as they set on an adventurous mission to rescue their friend eleven. 

6. Memoirist

A detective who can read minds. Sounds interesting right? With a bit of fiction and a lot of suspense, Memoirist takes us on an investigative adventure as the supernatural detective along with a criminal profiler are made to solve crimes. They are also forced to face their dreadful past as they embark on this journey. This Korean series is available on Viki.

 7. A.I.SHA 

Created by Arre, the series discusses a plot very familiar to sci-fi fanatics. A.I.SHA is an artificial intelligence program created by an app developer named Sam. The story takes a turn when A.I.SHA falls in love with Sam. It has an IMDb rating of 7.5/10.

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