3 Upgrades That Add Value To Commercial Property

3 Upgrades That Add Value To Commercial Property

As the owner of commercial real estate, you want to make your building appealing to tenants who will set up their businesses there. How do you make your space stand out amongst the other properties in your area, though? Invest in these three upgrades that add value to commercial property to better meet tenants’ needs and make your building more marketable.

Eco-Friendly Appliances and Fixtures

People naturally prefer lower costs for operating their businesses since this makes it easier to turn a profit. At the same time, many value sustainability and desire to diminish their carbon footprints. You can meet both of these criteria by installing eco-friendly appliances and fixtures on your property. Prominent examples include LED lights and Energy Star-rated appliances. LED lights last longer and use less electricity than incandescent bulbs, while Energy Star machines also save power when compared to regular alternatives. Having low-flow sink faucets and toilets is another way to make your building more eco-friendly, as they utilize less water.

Attractive Landscaping

Although you shouldn’t always judge a book by its cover, people definitely do when it comes to commercial real estate. This makes sense, since businesses want to give off clean, professional images that reflect their competence and reliability. If your building is lacking in this way, you should work to make your landscaping more attractive. Taking the time to implement this upgrade will add value to your commercial property because prospective tenants will be better able to visualize themselves working within it. Have a professional design the look of the lawn, trees, shrubs, and flowers, as well as walkways. Think about pathway materials, lighting, and signage as well. Once your curb appeal is improved, make sure that you maintain it to keep it immaculate at all times.

Expanded Parking Areas

Parking is a common source of frustration with commercial buildings because it’s often limited. Employees and visitors who come to the building each day may need to circle around and compete for available spaces. Therefore, expanding your parking areas can make your property highly valuable. There are various methods of doing this. Some opt to redraw parking lines to fit more spaces within a lot or garage. You could also develop more land around your property for parking purposes if you have room for this. In places where expanding with more land isn’t possible, there are also automated storage and retrieval systems that you can take advantage of these. These parking systems can mechanically move vehicles on platforms to store them much more compactly than would be possible otherwise. They also hold cars above the ground, making use of vertical space that usually goes to waste in traditional parking areas.

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