Wedding tent

The organization of an outdoor event, whether it is a birthday, a wedding or a garden party, requires equipping yourself with furniture adapted to the conditions and constraints of your reception: nature of the terrain, season, weather, number of guests, direct outdoor environment or style of decoration. These parameters once defined will allow you to make a choice, with the help of our advisers, among the various models of premium quality tents and marquees, available for rent in our product catalog. Visit here to see our catalog. 

Both sleek and elegant, all hung with white canvas, you can choose between our different tents: the octagonal tent with its central wooden pole or the classic square marquee tent, with four legs, ideal for all your outdoor events. You will thus be able to fully and worry-free enjoy the charm of an outdoor reception, on a terrace or in the heart of nature, and offer your guests an unforgettable reception, while protecting them from the wind, rain and sunshine.

A tent to set the scene for your reception.

If the rental of tents seems to respond primarily to practical purposes, the aesthetics are not neglected. These will be enough to create a real decor that is both unique and personalized for your reception. They will create a privileged setting while lightness and will imprint an unforgettable memory in the minds of your guests. So why not succumb to the charm of a white marquee to house your reception?

Our teams of advisers will help you find all the furniture, accessories and equipment needed to complete the layout of your garden for your reception in order to bring your own style to it while creating a decor as sublime as it is. harmonious. Let yourself be carried away by your inspiration and create the reception that suits you, in all serenity, with the help of SCHUPEPE STRETCH TENTS.

Specialized for nearly 15 years in the rental of equipment for receptions, the staging of tableware and decoration, SCHUPEPE STRETCH TENTS offers rental items essential for the organization of your wedding. Ranging from furniture (tables, chairs – with chair covers or not -, sideboards, etc.) to tableware (plates, cutlery, glasses, etc.), without forgetting the decorative elements for the room, the exterior and of course your table (candlesticks, rain beads, vases, place cards, etc.). Beyond the financial aspect, renting has a significant advantage, in fact, you only rent the equipment you need and no longer burden yourself with equipment that you only use very occasionally.

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