Understanding the Different Cloud Services for Business

Understanding the Different Cloud Services for Business

The cloud remains a mystery for some of us, but in this article, we’ll clear things up and discuss the different cloud services for business. As we explore the options, you’ll see the many benefits cloud services have in store for your company. Let’s begin by understanding the cloud.

What Are Cloud Services?

In business, we no longer need a hard drive and USB port to store important data and files. Today, we can use the cloud and access our information from anywhere in the world.

Cloud service is a digital form of storage, which allows accessibility from any device, no matter what device created it. It’s a safe way to store data and makes collaboration among team members easy.

There are three types of cloud storage that are best for business: public, private, and hybrid. It’s important to understand which one works best according to your business needs.

Private Cloud Service

Private cloud service, also called internal cloud storage, is designed for the business that doesn’t want a shared service. For many companies, security and performance are a concern, which makes public storage less appealing.

Using the private cloud, groups within the organization are the customer base and allowed to use the cloud, unlike public cloud storage in which many people share the service. The enterprise’s own data center stores the data.

The greatest benefit of a private cloud service is that it gives a business the opportunity to customize the cloud environment with flexibility. It’s designed to suit each company’s specific business needs.

Public Cloud Service

Businesses pay a third party for data storage when using a public cloud service. Many companies prefer this pay-as-you-go method. The cost is usually low, and there’s no need for the business to purchase software and hardware for the cloud service since it’s public. There’s also no maintenance cost. This all makes public cloud service a wise financial choice when finances are a priority.

As mentioned, public cloud service is shared, potentially by millions, making some companies uncomfortable as far as security goes. Public cloud services, unlike private, may require certain data to be stored for legal reasons. However, public service offers excellent scalability, meaning they easily handle growth.

Hybrid Cloud Service

The hybrid cloud service provides both public and private abilities. If your company seeks the benefits of the public cloud along with the security and flexibility of private cloud storage, then the hybrid structure may be the best choice. Other items such as additional software and workload play a role in determining if hybrid is the right service.

All in all, hybrid combines the best of both worlds, with security in the areas where it’s needed most, power and cost savings from the public cloud, and scalability and flexibility to design a cloud service that caters to your specific business needs.

A cloud service is a necessity in today’s business world. It makes sense to take advantage of the innovative service that allows for safe data and file storage. Evaluate your workload and storage needs, then compare those with the different cloud services for business, and you’ll find the right cloud service for your company.

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