Remedies to Relieve Lower Back Pain Fast

Remedies to Relieve Lower Back Pain Fast

Lower back pain can be debilitating and frustrating, affecting your quality of life. There are many ways to relieve the pain, including exercises, hot/cold treatments, and stretching. It’s essential to consult with your doctor before using any home remedies for back pain. Here are some strategies to relieve lower back pain:

Exercise to Loosen Muscles

While it may seem counterintuitive, the right type of exercise can reduce lower back pain. Not all exercises are beneficial for back pain, so it’s important to consult with your doctor before exercising. Avoid toe-touch exercises and leg lifts, which can increase pressure on your spine. Instead, try partial crunches to strengthen your core without putting too much pressure on the area. Wall-sitting exercises and swimming are other effective exercises.

Hot/Cold Treatments

Hot and/or cold therapy is a simple and inexpensive remedy for lower back pain. Heat and/or cold can be used to relieve certain types of pain. If you’ve sustained lower back pain from an injury or sports injury, hot/cold therapy may be an option. You should choose a hot or cold therapy based on the type of pain you’re experiencing. Apply heat first, followed by cold if your pain is acute. If your discomfort is chronic, apply mild heat continuously. Ice can be used to reduce soreness following exercise.

Stretching Exercises

Stretching exercises can be done to relieve back pain in addition to other types of exercise. Yoga stretches, such as the “Child’s Pose” or stretching your knees to your chest, can help ease lower back problems. Stretching the piriformis in the buttock can help reduce tension in the buttocks and lower back. Gentle twisting of your back, while seated, can increase your mobility. The “Cat-Cow”, a stretch for the spine, and the “Sphinx,” a backbend that strengthens the chest, spine, and buttocks, can also be helpful.

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