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It’s been 15 years since Youtube’s website was launched in May of 2005. Google bought the site in November 2006 for US$1.6 billion and it has become one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. The first YouTuber who kickstarted this new career path was Jawed Karim who was also the founder of Youtube. The first-ever video that was uploaded on the platform was called “Me at the zoo”, it was 18 seconds long and featured Jawed Karim at the San Diego zoo standing in front of several elephants. It’s a stated fact that almost everyone has thought of becoming a YouTuber at least once in their lifetime. But changed their minds because they think it’s too hard and unrealistic. There are several interesting ways you can overcome this stigma: You can always purchase different and easily accessible packages, buy Youtube subscribers, or consider these tips. Being a Youtuber can have a tremendous impact on your life and today we offer you some of the most important pros on this matter.

You will learn some amazing skills

Being a successful YouTuber requires some new skills and abilities you can learn through the process. Being a content creator allows you to learn more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you learn how to communicate with your audience and consider their requests, you learn how to edit and shoot your videos like a professional, how to speak and act in front of a camera comfortably and how to get your message and idea across to your viewers.

You will learnt no to be so sensitive

Being a Youtuber requires a lot of courage and bravery. You are exposing yourself and your ideas to the whole world which is full of strangers. It’s to a surprise that you will get lots of comments and feedback that are uplifting, encouraging, and positive but be ready for haters and negative comments. Some people change their minds because of this particular reason but remember that negative feedback helps you grow as well. You learn how to deal with people that don’t like or agree with you, but most importantly you learn how to deal with your emotions. Learning to be tough on the internet can help you be a less sensitive person in general. It helps you differentiate hate and constructive criticism and become more self-confident.

You can earn money

If you have more than 1000 subscribers you will start getting paychecks from youtube. You also have an opportunity to create and sell your merch such as mugs, t-shirts, homemade decorations, and so on. Sponsorships are very beneficial as well. Different brands start contacting you and asking for paid collaborations which is a win-win situation for both parties. You can even make important deals with hotels, travel agencies, and many other services.

You will capture memories

Another great reason why you should create a youtube channel is that you can use it as your online diary. You can document your life and capture many amazing memories. This could be your sole reason to start, not everyone wants to become an influencer or a businessman. Rewatching your old videos with family can be a wholesome and fun experience in the future, you’ll be able to share your videos with friends easily too. Previous generations had pictures but you have an opportunity to record your life fully. Plus you’ll enjoy seeing how you grew up and improved through the years.

You will be able to express your creativity

Youtube is an amazing platform that encourages you to be YOU. You can do anything you want, it’s the best place to unleash your creativity and give freedom to your ideas. You learn new ways to edit your videos, use different apps and transitions to make them more eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing for the viewers. You learn to identify and learn new good music and use them in your videos. You know the video is good and deserving of success when you enjoy watching it yourself.


Research in 2017 showed that there are over 400 hours of content being uploaded on Youtube every minute of every single day and one billion hours of content is being watched right now as you’re reading this article. So why not be one of them and test your limits right now?  All of us have a chance and the ability to become an instant influencer and reach their goals. Hopefully, if you decide to become a YouTuber you will learn that you can use it not only to help yourself but to help others as well. You will inspire and become friends with so many people, you will earn their trust and create one big supportive and fun community. You can encourage your audience to challenge them and spread beneficial and positive pieces of information around the world. You can change lives and help others become better versions of themselves.

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