Natural Disasters Common to New York City

Natural Disasters Common to New York City

New York City has been the destination of choice for dreamers for generations. With the bright lights of Times Square, millions of people, and symbols such as the Statue of Liberty, it’s easy to see why it’s a place of new beginnings.

But no place is without its challenges, and the Big Apple is no exception. For instance, the city is known for its traffic, high cost of living, and fast pace. The area is also prone to its share of natural disasters. But knowing the natural disasters common to New York City will help you be prepared to get the most out of your time in NYC.


Typically, people associate hurricanes with tropical locales such as Florida. Hurricanes do typically hit the southern United States first, but their paths almost always take them north along the eastern shore and toward New York.

Because of that, the city is prone to damage and intense flooding during hurricanes. For these scenarios, New York authorities have divided the city into several evacuation zones that people can use to escape the damage.


New York State is one of the snowier states in the Union, averaging around 55 inches of snow every year. This leaves New York City prone to large snowstorms such as blizzards and the infamous nor’easter. These storms can invite high winds, heavy snow, rip currents, and disruptions in the tide, which affect fishers.

When a blizzard strikes, it’s important to seek shelter to avoid vehicular accidents or health conditions caused by the cold. Additionally, just like other natural disasters, blizzards can damage water lines, leading to pipe bursts and contaminated water. So preparing your pipes before and during blizzards is essential.

Power Outages

Most people would think of a blackout as more of an inconvenience than a natural disaster common to New York City. However, power outages can create a host of dangerous situations throughout the city. A few major safety issues that power outages can create include:

  • Loss of life-saving medical equipment such as ventilators
  • Loss of air conditioning or heat during temperature extremes
  • Traffic accidents caused by compromised stop lights
  • Trapped people in elevators or subways
  • Disrupted communications

In the past, power outages such as the 1977 New York blackout have also led to an increase in crimes such as looting, vandalism, and arson.

New York is truly a city for dreamers, but even dreamers need a little practicality. By knowing what could go wrong in New York, you can make the necessary preparations.

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