4 Ways To Ensure Employees Stay Safe in Emergencies

4 Ways To Ensure Employees Stay Safe in Emergencies

Emergencies are not ideal on a busy workday, but such events call for knowledgeable leaders and workers to ensure safety. Not only are you, as a business owner, liable for the results of worst-case scenarios, but also for making sure everyone is safe. Here are four ways to ensure employees stay safe in emergencies.

Provide In-Depth Lessons

Many companies opt for easy-to-answer quizzes at the end of self-taught safety lessons. Though this invites fewer complaints and easy passing marks on the bare minimum expectations, it does not instill much knowledge. Giving lessons with detailed information and practicing scenarios that demonstrate emergencies provide your workers with more knowledge and confidence in case of an emergency.

Make It Casual

The best way to get this knowledge to stick is to make it casual. Putting up posters about the correct response to emergency scenarios will get your employees reading them frequently. Another way to entice knowledge retention is by offering prizes for the first ones to answer an end-of-the-day question or weekly quiz. Small things that make the activity rewarding and fun work well to pull people out of the usual emergency quiz humdrum.

Repeat Drills Regularly

It’s crucial that your higher-level workers can guide their peers and maintain order among larger crowds. The best way to make sure these employees take their jobs seriously is to do emergency drills regularly. This will familiarize your employees with team leaders, and cultivate trust in the workplace.

Ask For Feedback

Receiving feedback does not guarantee an abundance of new ideas, but you could gain valuable insight by allowing your workers to share their opinions. Employees’ opinions serve as a means of improving your current strategies. For example, an employee could mention the importance of training others how to communicate through radios in an emergency effectively. Two-way radios offer a new level of security to guarantee everyone’s safety.

Emergency training can feel redundant, but it is necessary. By considering these four ways to ensure employees stay safe in emergencies,you will decrease the odds of confusion in the case of an emergency.

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