Tips for Planning Your Wedding Invitations

Tips for Planning Your Wedding Invitations

When planning the wedding of your dreams, one of the first elements that you’ll decide on is the theme; then, you’ll choose your invitations. Right before you send them out, you need to style them to reflect your theme, the wedding colors, the card type, and much more. Let’s figure out your card situation with these tips for planning your wedding invitations.

Know Your Wedding Style

When crafting your invitation details, don’t just list the location and call it a day. Let the style of your wedding shine through. If you plan to keep it semicasual, don’t use classy fonts. If you expect everyone to wear formal attire, use the classiest font there is, and include recommendations on the dress code.

There’s a variety of invitations to shop for, but it all comes down to what will fit your wedding style the best. In other words, pick your cards wisely.

Pick Your Colors

Don’t go with a simple white piece of paper. It’s your chance to go all out and incorporate your wedding colors. Don’t stop at just the wedding invites—make the colors of your menus, escort cards, and other paper items the same way you did for your invitations.

However, do pay attention to readability—if the fonts are too bright, it will be hard to see. Work with a professional on picking a font color that’s easy to see and read.

Select Your Cardstock

The stationary you pick for your invitations should fit into your envelopes. So many couples forget to make the cards fit into their envelopes and then realize too late that they don’t fit. Don’t let this be you—study up on what cardstock paper works best for the envelope size.

Double-Check Your Wording

The best way to avoid typos, misspellings, or improper pronouns of the couple is to always proofread. If you don’t have time to do this step, hire a professional stationary company or a single person for wedding speech help to work their magic and craft programs and other paper-made items. Check any changes and ensure the spellings of names, locations, and who the host is.

Here’s what you should include on your invites:

  • Your and your future spouse’s names
  • Your and your future spouse’s parents’ names
  • The event location and date
  • A sweet message asking for your guests’ attendance
  • Your guests’ names and a plus one if the guest isn’t married

Every wedding is different, and your invitations are what help set the entire day up. Grab the nearest pen and notebook and start taking note of these tips for planning your wedding invitations. You’ll be glad you had these tips to look over while crafting your invites.

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