Must-have accessories for hiking

accessories for hiking

Hiking is one of the best ways to reduce stress due to the busy lifestyle. In Australia, by ABS NHS data, 13 per cent of Australians aged above 18 suffer from psychological distress. This rate shows the need for relaxing methods like hiking. 

Going on a hike is not simple. Before planning a trip, it is a must to gather some knowledge about the destination. Afterwards, the person should collect all the needed accessories like Backpacks, sleeping bags, walking poles, etc.

Importance of hiking

Australian cities are getting overcrowded and polluted due to the increasing population.  So it is necessary to get a break from the rush and busy lifestyles to be happy and relaxed.

  • Physical health: The physical health of Australians has become a matter of concern due to the higher pollution rates and job-related stress. Since Australia has different landscapes, one can find their favourite landscape in Australia. The fresh air and water helps to refresh the body. Also, going on a hike strengthens the muscles and bones.
  • Mental health: Going on a hike to remote places will help the person enjoy nature and will help to understand a new culture. It will help to lessen pressure and improve the person’s mental state.

Accessories needed

Going on a hike requires some accessories. These accessories help the person to hike more easily. Some of these accessories are:

  • Backpacks: A trip requires carrying many items, and the best way to take many things is by using a suitably sized bag. These backpacks should have some features like water resistance and easy cleaning. A height-adjustable lid in many bags helps to bring some additional items when needed. Padded hip belts are a necessary feature for carrying the bag easily.
  • Walking poles: Walking poles assist the person in safe hiking. It can give support while walking. It is also used to measure the depth of small streams and mud bases. Choose the length of the pole according to the person’s height. A very short or over length pole will not give the desired result. Ensure that the walking poles have a grip handle on the top and adjustable straps with safety release. The walking pole should be light and strong enough to support the person’s weight. 

Sleeping gear

  • Sleeping bags: During the hike, the person has to sleep on different terrains. And sleep is necessary after long hours of walking. It is not as comfortable as sleeping on the bed. To get minimum comfort, the climber has to carry sleeping bags. It will give some comfort to sleep. 

Choose the length of the sleeping bag according to the height of the person. Products with compartments under legs will help to keep angle warmers. These have larger sizes, so choose the lightweight product to reduce the carrying weight.

  • Pillows: Most people use a cushion during their daily sleep. For such people, it will be hard to get a good night’s sleep without a pad. Buy specially made pillows for hiking that are compact enough to carry during the hike and provide comfort. Air filling pillows are the best during the trips.
  • Quilt: These are used to improve comfort and warmth while using sleeping bags. It is designed to have less weight for ease of carrying.

Kitchen items

  • Stoves: Eating healthy food while camping is necessary to keep well. There are many small stoves available in the Australian market suitable for carrying around.
  • Knives: Knives require both kitchen needs and other general-purpose needs. So always try to buy durable multi-purpose knives.

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