How Does a Magnetic Stirrer Benefit Your Business?

Magnetic Stirrer

Magnetic stirrers are common in many businesses, but have you ever wondered how they could benefit your business? If you run a business, it is always good to understand the latest trends and information about a stirring hotplate and other laboratory equipment. Magnetic stirrers use a rotating magnetic field, forcing stir bars to spin rapidly. This will, in turn, stir your liquid. Here are a few ways that magnetic stirrers will benefit your business.

Achieving A Rapid Spin Rate

Magnetic stirrers are beneficial as they achieve a highly rapid spin rate. They accomplish this using a rotating electromagnet under a container holding the liquid. 

The spin bars come in different shapes depending on your business needs.

Understanding the possibilities and limitations

Knowing what magnetic stirrers can and cannot do can help you plan business projects and research endeavors. You may also consult representatives who work in laboratory equipment companies, particularly stirring systems, to help you on how to utilize the magnetic stirrers in your business’s best interest. 

Before purchasing a magnetic stirrer, you should consider some details as magnetic stirrers are not homogenizers. Before making a purchase, some details to consider include; heat output, range, adjustable temperature, capacity speed, and other factors.

Minimizing the risk of contamination

A magnetic stirrer reduces the risk of contamination as it contains only one magnet bar placed inside the liquid. You can also clean the bar easily, unlike manual stirrers. Therefore, your business will face fewer risks of contamination if you use magnetic stirrers. Moreover, they are efficient when you want to reproduce mixtures for a long time, as manual stirrers can waste a lot of time.

Magnetic stirrers are consistent compared to any other type of stirrers. Therefore, they can be beneficial for your organization if well utilized. You can consult companies selling the stirrers to get an idea of utilizing the equipment and making the most out of it.

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