Mike Giannulis Recommends 6 Tips for Your Small Business Profit

Small Business

Small Businesses & large corporations do their business in a familiar but ultimately different manner. As a small business owner, all of your resources will be limited. And there are only so many things that you can do by yourself. Here are the top 6 handpicked recommendations that might help you with your business strategy.                                  

Build a niche

Today it is very challenging for any brand to cut through the noise. The only way your business will stand out is by building your brand around a specific niche. It might be very tempting to approach different markets at the same time, but in that way, you will not be able to stand anywhere unless you have a massive amount of resources at your hand. And even then, you might fail. Experts such as Mike Giannulis highly recommend any small business owner to focus on developing their niche.

Customer support

“Customer is always right”. There is a reason that this phrase has become a cliché by being overused. You should always put your customer before anything else in your business. In fact, your customer is your business. For building your brand trust, it’s essential that you provide excellent customer support via various channels. As a small business, you can minimize the response time & build a loyal customer base. A good customer support also helps you with brand promotion via word-of-mouth marketing.

Mike Giannulis shares tips on learning from customer feedbacks       

If you are a small business owner, the chances are that you have very limited resources. One of the most crucial things is to learn from your customer reviews. It’s easy to get rid of a negative review, but a positive review will promote your business in a much better way. For the growth of your brand, the quality of your product must be aligned with the quality of the service you are providing with it. 

Becoming time-efficient

Time is money. And as you scale up your brand, you must spend your time much more efficiently than before. A good idea would be to use automation technology in your business to save you some hassle. Today there are many tools such as Keap, Hotjar etc. available at your disposal.


As your customers might buy staffs from anywhere on the internet, it is better that you develop a proper omnichannel strategy for your business. Your customers should be able to purchase from you from anyplace be it Facebook or Amazon or your website. You must provide that much flexibility to your customers. As you scale up your business, it’s expected that you could not afford to be everywhere. Just make sure wherever you are, you are providing an excellent customer support with it.

Building the right team

It is no secret that the most valuable asset of your business is the people who are working for you. Remember, you cannot scale up your brand if you do all things by yourself. As you scale up, you have to let go of the minor tasks & trust others to do their job correctly. That is why building your team carefully is absolutely crucial.


Remember, expanding your business is a time-consuming affair. Don’t rush things. Decide what you want to achieve & don’t stray from the path. With a little bit of luck & the tips mentioned above, you will be able to find success, if you stay on the course.

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