Launch NFT On Tezos vs Ethereum

With the explosion of NFTs and DEFI, naturally people are asking about the best OTP and TBH the best way to go about playing in the game and trying to make some money. That quest can often lead to trying to pick between Tezos and Ethereum. Ethereum has a bigger fan club currently, but folks are getting more interested in using Tezos to handle NFTs and DeFi.

Let’s dive into some actual debates held on Reddit looking at this exact scenario.

Thinking of launching my nft on tezos instead of eth


How do smart contracts differ? does anyone have any docs for tezos smart contracts? i like tezos as its new and cheap, and not saturated in nfts yet

Here is one suggestion:

The two main markets to choose from are and You won’t regret minting on tezos because it takes away the financial barrier to entry. It will literally cost you pennies to mint and prospective buyers will pay pennies in fees to collect.

Here is a thorough explanation of a point of view:

Tezos NFT market is untouched still. It’s ripe for a massive explosion. The cost of minting and buying alone is a dramatic difference. I’m an ETH fanboy and ICO buyer but I only own 2 ETH NFTs currently but over a hundred on Tezos. I have the money but just can’t stand to pay the transaction fees for ETH. The list of positives is long, why Tezos hasn’t overtaken the NFT market is a mystery to me. I think it will as word gets out, we are seeing it start already.

Here is food for thought directed at your question. Why did a major brand and company release of chose to go with Tezos over ETH for their platform? Read their release notes ( and get some free NFTs while you are there) and see what made them choose Tezos.

Hope to see your work on Tezos soon. Means I might get to pick some up 🙂

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