KoreTrak Review: Best Fitness Tracker Smartwatch Activity Bandon August 14, 2020 at 1:00 am

Andrew Price and his team have researched the smartwatch category and found that KoreTrak is the best fitness tracker smartwatch wristband on the market in 2020 for monitoring activity levels. Available for an exclusive online discount only at the official website of KoreTrak.com, the KoreTrak Smart Body Fitness Tracker is an activity monitoring band that offers a wide range of intuitive features and innovative functions that give real-time access, analysis and insights on what’s happening in the moment with your body.

Exercise and fitness gurus have been preaching the benefits of smartwatches for years. But it’s only recently that major brands like Fitbit and Apple have turned this niche market into a billion-dollar sector in the technology industry. Following the success of these two juggernauts, several smaller companies have created their own version of the ideal fitness smartwatch.

We’ve kept our eyes on several of the leading smartwatches in this growing industry. While some pioneering organizations have created effective, innovative fitness watches, products in the tech market can often be hit-or-miss. Several scam or ineffective smartwatches have been promoted by sketchy companies in the past. This makes it even more important that consumers do extensive research before spending money on a fitness-tracking watch.

KoreTrak is a fitness tracker and smartwatch being manufactured and marketed by an industry leading consumer health and wellness brand, KoreHealth . The smart fitness tracking wristband is already making waves among some tried and true fitness fans from around the world too. KoreTrak helps users to track several fitness metrics as they wear the watch, including blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, and more.

But is KoreTrak Smart Body Tracker worth the money? Or is it just another scam tech device? Find out everything you need to know about KoreTrak Fitness Tracker Smartwatch in today’s comprehensive review.


KoreTrak is a smartwatch capable of tracking several user health activity metrics. It offers a sleek design that’s relatively similar to the appearance of the popular Fitbit. As they use KoreTrak, the watch monitors heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels. According to the official product website, it takes less than ten seconds for the device to measure these health metrics effectively.

This innovative little watch is also able to constantly track the number of calories burned throughout the day by users. Also, KoreTrak can provide insights into your sleeping patterns, monitor text messaging and calling through vibration alerts, and more.

We are particularly impressed with the way KoreTrak can consolidate health information over an extended period. The device should be connected directly to the user’s smartphone. Over time, key health statistics are used to generate helpful graphs and charts. Consumers can use these charts to help them better understand their sleep patterns, workout habits, and other aspects of their health.

The aesthetic and performance of the KoreTrak watch is one feature that the official product website emphasizes. The site explains that the device combines “the style […] of a smartwatch with the biometric features of a fitness wristband.” In this respect, the design of KoreTrak looks to combine the best aspects of a smartwatch with the best aspects of a fitness wristband.

The KoreTrak website makes special mention of the “intuitive tracking” employed by their smartwatch. The company behind KoreTrak designed the product so that anyone can look at its interface and easily read important information about their “heart-rate, steps taken, and calories burned.”

How Does KoreTrak Fitness Tracker Work?

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If you’ve used a smartwatch before, including the Apple Watch or the Fitbit, this shouldn’t be very different. The KoreTrak connects directly to a phone via an app by the same name. This app is the place where all of the long-term health statistics tracked by KoreTrak are stored and consolidated. Once the device is connected to a phone, it’s just worn on the wrist of the user. The touch-screen for KoreTrak makes it easy for consumers to switch between apps and monitor their vitals as they exercise.

One interesting aspect of KoreTrak’s function is that it can be operated for up to seven days without the cell phone near. The device can store data on its own, eventually syncing-up with the user’s cell phone once it’s back within range. KoreTrak can also be worn in the shower, thanks to its IP67 rating. We don’t recommend submerging the device for longer than a brief moment, but an IP67 rating makes it generally waterproof.

The ease of functionality seems to be a hallmark of KoreTrak’s design. The device is extremely easy to operate, according to some reviewers. And with the litany of medical and fitness applications offered by the watch, it’s always a good sign that the product isn’t difficult to navigate.

Of course, KoreTrak can’t make users healthy on its own. The device should be used as a tool to help with fitness-related progress. For example, a user might be able to improve their sleep patterns by using the data provided by KoreTrak every night. Additionally, things like resting heart-rate, working heart-rate, and blood oxygen levels can help to give users a better idea of how healthy they are.

Fitness Planning with KoreTrak Watch

Another major unique function of KoreTrak is its ability to allow users to “quickly set up” their workouts “with less planning.” Using the simple interface of the watch, consumers can set goals for themselves, including step goals and calorie milestones. This is a tremendously helpful feature. People who are working to improve their physical health might struggle with overly-complicated interfaces.

Being able to quickly and effectively set goals for yourself and track your progress towards achieving these goals could be a significant help as you continue to lose weight. Once these goals are set, the KoreTrak smartwatch is able to give users extended insight into how to best achieve their goals and improve their overall health. How’s that for a “smart” watch?

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The products offered by KoreHealth vary significantly, especially when it comes to their scientific backing and fitness applications. This section will answer some of the most commonly asked questions, both about the products themselves and the company behind them, including the KoreTrak Smart Body Fitness Tracker.

Q: What colors is KoreTrak available in?

A: This is not quite clear from the official product website. The “FAQ” section of the site explains that KoreTrak is available in more than just its standard black appearance. But there does not appear to be an option available to choose the color for the device at checkout. We also didn’t notice any appearances of a non-black model in any of the pictures used on the product website.

Q: Is KoreTrak a smartwatch?

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A: KoreTrak is both a smartwatch and a fitness tracker, all in one. According to the official website, the device combines “the style […] of a smartwatch with the biometric features of a fitness wristband.” Fitness wristbands are typically used to help people optimize their workouts and daily wellness, while smartwatches are known for their social apps and sleek appearance. KoreTrak is purportedly both.

Q: Does KoreTrak need to be attached to a phone?

A: Yes. KoreTrak should be connected to an iPhone or Android device. This process is pretty easy. Just download the official KoreTrak app and connect the device to it from there. The KoreTrak will periodically store fitness and health information on the user’s phone.

Q: Can KoreTrak Smart Body Tracker be used without a cell phone?

A: Yes! Although KoreTrak should generally be connected in close proximity to a smartphone, it can also store data for up to seven days with no phone connection. When the watch is connected to a phone again, it automatically deposits the information to be stored on the device.

Q: Can KoreTrak Smartwatch make users healthier?

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A: Yes, and no. On the one hand, KoreTrak can help users to better track and understand the core aspects of their health and wellness. This can be helpful as consumers work to improve their exercise routines, lose weight, and travel along the path to overall wellness in their daily lives. But a watch can’t do everything. Consumers can improve their health by closely monitoring the metrics provided by KoreTrak over an extended period.

Q: What health metrics can KoreTrak Fitness Tracker measure?

A: This device can measure some health metrics that traditional smartwatches cannot. For example, the device claims to be able to monitor the blood pressure of users. It can also measure heart rate and blood oxygen levels. Even more interesting to some consumers, KoreTrak can analyze our sleep patterns to help us improve our rest.

Q: How quickly can KoreTrak Activity Band measure health metrics?

A: This device works extremely quickly. Within ten seconds, KoreTrak can quantify the user’s heart rate, blood pressure, or even blood oxygen levels. Over weeks or even months of use, KoreTrak can help users understand how their bodies react to specific workouts or experiences.

Q: What does the KoreTrak app do?

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A: The main function of the KoreTrak app is to consolidate and track the information kept by the KoreTrak watch. Over time, the app generates numbers, charts, and graphs that explain how users’ bodies function over time. Insights into things like sleeping patterns, resting heartrate, and more are provided on the app, which is compatible with both Apple and Android.

Q: Is KoreTrak Fitness Tracker waterproof?

A: Absolutely; KoreTrak has been given an IP67 rating, which makes it just about fully waterproof. The device can be submerged in up to one meter of water for half an hour or less. The main applications of this waterproof status are in workouts and showering. Consumers can shower or sweat with KoreTrak on without any damage to the watch.

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As with most smartwatches, KoreTrak can get pretty expensive. But consumers can save substantially if they purchase more than one device at a time. This makes KoreTrak an ideal budget gift that is both monumental as well as sentiment as an expression towards giving the people you care about the most an opportunity to optimize their health with this unique smart body fitness activity tracker wristband watch. It comes at a price much cheaper than major alternatives, such as the Fitbit or the Apple Watch. Consumers can save up to $118.15 by purchasing three watches at once.

Current purchasing options and their prices include:

  • One KoreTrak Watch: $49.95

  • Two KoreTrak Watches: $99.90

  • Thee KoreTrak Watches: $112.39

As of right now, KoreTrak watches can only be purchased on the official product website. This shouldn’t be a major cause for concern; many new gadgets are initially marketed on self-contained retail websites. What is absolutely awesome about the KoreTrak Smartwatch is there are no popups claiming “recently sold” that are usually part of a high-pressure sales tactic used by companies behind these trending smartwatches. While it is always smart and recommended that consumers take their time and carefully consider their purchases, the KoreHealth KoreTrak Smart Fitness Activity Body Tracker Watch is one of the best deals to happen in 2020 considering the upside is to improve health and wellness.

KoreTrak’s checkout is secured by Norton and McAfee, and they accept PayPal and all major credit cards.

As the KoreTrak review above reveals all of the finely tuned attributes and aspects of the smart body fitness tracker, it is worthwhile to examine the company behind the activity tracking wristband, KoreHealth, to see what else they have to offer as well as their diverse product line that syncs up and compliments the KoreTrak activity watch too.

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KoreTrak is a product of KoreHealth. This company specializes in the production of unique workout, fitness, and wellness gadgets. We’ll further explain some of the key KoreHealth products below, just to give consumers a better idea of what this company does and the reputation they bring to the table for new customers.

Additionally, it should be noted that KoreHealth itself is a subsidiary of Strong Current Enterprises. This company has been behind the products we’ve reviewed several times in the past, including many health and wellness gadgets. The organization has a very strong reputation and is generally been confronted with positive reviews from consumers all over the United States.

We were impressed with the transparency and clarity of the official product website for KoreTrak. The website clearly explains the functionality of the device, as well as its various applications and uses. Additionally, their “contact us” page includes accessible information about how to speak to a customer service rep for the company.

Contact the makers of KoreTrak using the following channels:

  • Email: [email protected]

  • Phone (US): 609 414 7087

  • Phone (UK and Ireland): 08708 200084

  • Phone (Australia & New Zealand): (02)8607 8316

This section will explain a few of the top-selling products available on the official KoreHealth website. We’ll also include a link to the product’s page so consumers can learn more about the devices and gadgets that interest them.

KorePulse Vibrating Massage Ball

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This vibrating massage ball helps people to quickly recover from muscle stress, strain, or intense workouts. The device includes four separate “levels” so that users can choose the kind of massage they need. In terms of common comparisons, the KorePulse Vibrating Massage Ball is relatively similar to a regular foam roller. When users roll the massaging ball over the parts of their body, causing stress or discomfort, it provides instant relief.

Some of the main benefits associated with this gadget include:

  • Pain relief

  • Better athletic performance

  • Increased flexibility

  • Maximized muscle strength

Some of the main areas of the body typically targeted by this massage ball include the neck, back, arms, legs, and feet. However, the device can be used on nearly any part of the body with muscles. To use the ball, just rub the device over the body part you wish to soothe.

Price: $59.99

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KoreSphere Thermal Massage Ball Roller

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KoreSphere functions similarly to the KorePulse. Consumers sub the spherical gadget over their aching joints, muscles, or tendons for pain and inflammation relief. The main difference between the KoreSphere and the KorePulse is that this device is designed to provide heat and cooling therapy. To use it, just submerge the KoreSphere into a bowl of heated water. After a couple of minutes, the ball can create a soothing heated massage capable of relieving the worst of pains.

KoreSphere can also provide cooling massaged instead. To make this happen, just put the device into a freezer for two hours. It can be used to relieve inflammation, soreness, sprains, and other minor injuries resulting from a tough workout.

Price: $30.99

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KoreScale Smart Weight Scale

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This is another high-tech device being manufactured by KoreHealth. The scale measures your weight, but it also tracks a number of additional fitness and health metrics. At its core, this device seeks to provide users with a more comprehensive solution to the age-old problem of weighing and weight management.

KoreScale measures the following health metrics:

  • Metabolic age

  • Visceral fat

  • Body water

  • Skeletal muscle

  • Muscle mass

  • Bone mass

  • Protein

  • Body fat

  • BMR

  • BMI

  • Weight

This high-tech weight management tool does quite a bit to paint a fuller picture of the health of its users. The device is constructed of plastic and tempered glass and requires four AAA batteries to operate.

Price: $129.99

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KoreTense Resistance Bands

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Most resistance bands are primarily used to help people recover with at-home physical therapy exercises. But KoreHealth’s KoreTense set is meant to be used as a “total body gym in a bag.” The devices can be used to improve recovery, but they can also be employed by people who just want to improve their home workout sessions.

There are several different resistance levels used in the KoreTense set, ranging from ten pounds to thirty pounds of total resistance. Users can use one band at a time or combine multiple to get an even more challenging workout going. KoreTense is one of the most popular products marketed by KoreHealth. Buying this package comes with the resistance bands, as well as handles, ankle straps, and door anchor, and even a free travel bag.

Price: $69.99

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KoreTrak Smart Watch Fitness Tracker is the latest gadget being marketed by KoreHealth, a company that specializes in high-tech fitness products. The KoreTrak activity band combines the simple, sleek interface of a smartwatch with the helpful performance metrics of a fitness tracker. Using this wristwatch, consumers can improve their physical health by continuously tracking a number of wellness metrics pertaining to physical fitness and even deep sleep activity.

Although a cell phone app is used to control and consolidate the information taken by KoreTrak Smart Body Tracker, the device can track and store data for up to seven days without the use of the cell phone app.

Consumers are still reviewing and trying out this new product by KoreHealth. But for now, it seems that KoreTrak presents itself as an effective way for consumers to track their health metrics and improve their workouts, weight loss, and more.

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