How To Hang Photos, Paintings, And Posters: 5 Basic Rules

How To Hang Photos

Today it is fashionable to decorate walls with posters and photos, as well as works by contemporary artists. This not only looks beautiful, speaks of the good taste of the owner of the interior, but can also emphasize the advantages of space and hide its disadvantages. Today we will tell you what rules you need to follow in order to harmoniously decorate your interior with posters, paintings, and photos. So whether you are hanging an anime poster or a poster of your favorite film star, follow the below rules.

Rule Number 1: Mutual Harmony

You can form photos and posters in groups next to furniture according to the principle of mutual harmony or in the form of a square.

In a room with a high ceiling, it would be appropriate to place a rectangle of four paintings. You can take six or eight, depending on the size of the room. To make them look holistic, place them closer to each other. The frames for them are thin, and the image is light, then you can create a window effect.

Rule Number 2: Symmetry and Asymmetry

It is also possible to build compositions by mixing sizes and shapes: symmetrically and asymmetrically. At the same time, consider the overall content or style. In some cases, contrasting options will be appropriate.

With an asymmetrical arrangement, use posters, photos or paintings of different sizes with one common plot. So that the composition is not disturbed, the distances between the posters should not be large. The asymmetrical option adds dynamics to the room.

Paintings, posters or photos with the same dimensions and frames are great for symmetrical arrangement. This method balances the interior of the room well, making it strict and stable. You can also follow the swarm rule, when paintings, posters or photos line up around one main picture.

Rule Number 3: Frames and Mats

To visually align the paintings and for a better perception of them, consider which frames (baguettes), mats are used in the formation of compositions. It is better to arrange them so that the upper field of the passe-partout is slightly smaller than the lower one. This option is considered the most successful for vertical placement.

Rule Number 4: Fix Flaws

With the help of correctly placed photos, you can highlight the seating area above the corner sofa. If you want to increase the height of the ceiling, then the images should be placed vertically.  With the horizontal position of the paintings, you can visually increase the length of the wall.

Above bulky furniture, posters of larger sizes with more massive frames would be appropriate; otherwise, small pictures with narrow baguettes will be lost against this background. Black and white canvases, arranged in an asymmetrical order, look good in the study above the table. 

Rule Number 5: The Joy of Contemplation

When hanging paintings, photos and posters, use the basic rule: you should be comfortable viewing works of art or photos. Use the museum version of the code – the exhibits are placed so that the distance from the floor to the middle of the picture is 152 cm. By European standards, it can be 160 cm. 

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