How to choose the ideal impact indicator for your requirements

ideal impact indicator

An impact indicator from shockwatch will warn the viewer of any possible hazard, reveal any hidden harm, and define who is responsible. 

Because of this, it is a great tool to have when delivering delicate or breakable goods, especially for businesses in the manufacturing, distribution, and transportation sectors.

According to reports, 34% of packaging-related returns are the result of product damage, and this may seriously harm the brand of your company. 

These figures clearly show how important protective packaging is.

How therefore can you make sure that your goods are safeguarded and delivered in a secure manner? Impact indicators have a role in this.

The impact indicator on shockwatch 2

Any supply chain will include at least one phase where moving goods or products from one place to another is necessary. 

If a supply chain is more complicated, a delivery may even need to pass through many checkpoints. 

This implies that by the time a person or company gets the box, it has probably been handled by numerous people, increasing the likelihood that it may suffer damage.

When harsh handling has occurred, shockwatch 2 is an impact indication that becomes bright red in color. 

This tool makes it simple to locate goods or materials that need close inspection for damage. 

Additionally, it is tamper-proof, lowering the possibility that supply chain participants may tamper with the device. 

To further ensure that the indication has not been changed after being activated, shockwatch 2 even includes a serial number

To guarantee that the external indication cannot be changed, it is best to provide a second indicator within the packaging or to label the exterior indicator with a brand.

Another advantage of putting a shock indicator labels on a shipment is that when distributors notice the device, they are more likely to treat the item with care! 

They do this because they are aware that when handling errors occur, the shockwatch may be utilized to determine who is responsible. This gadget does more than simply keep an eye on a shipment; by collecting impact data, shippers and carriers may identify the location of the damage and take action to stop it from happening again by changing packaging, routes, processes, or supply chain partners.

If your organization is presently being hit by damage-related expenses, then investing in a shockwatch 2 Impact Indicator will be very advantageous for your business

Shockwatch 2 may definitely enable shippers and their customers to take a step to minimize overall supply chain costs.

Review of shockwatch 2’s advantages

Prevents incorrect handling by acting as a visual deterrent

Reduces handling errors via awareness Provides concrete proof of handling errors

Encourages the use of chains of responsibility for all product handling. 

Verifies packaging effectiveness Aids in identifying difficulty areas in the supply chain

Helps to improve product quality from dock to dock

For your application, which shockwatch 2 Impact Indicator is best?It is essential to start with shipment size and weight to ensure that you use the appropriate impact indicator. 

A good place to start when choosing sensitivity is the instructions below. 

A more sensitive (lower G) indication may be needed for more delicate items, while a less sensitive (higher G) indicator may be required for more robust products.

RFID Impact Indicator shockwatch

Shockwatch RFID has the potential to revolutionize your supply chain visibility if you are reassessing and enhancing it. 

This is due to the fact that it has been shown to significantly increase product traceability and automate operational operations. 

These benefits include assuring correct data, lowering labor costs, establishing high standards of responsibility across all phases, and enhancing visibility.

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What does RFID mean for and exactly what does it represent?

Radio frequency identification, or RFID, is a technology that is used in many fields. 

It’s also not a brand-new technology! In actuality, RFID has existed since World War II, when every British aircraft was equipped with a transmitter. 

Following the receipt of signals from the radar, these transmitters emitted a signal that designated a person as either a friend or an enemy.

Of course, using ‘smart labels’ and readers that store product information is a common use for RFID technology today. 

These tags may be affixed to a broad range of items and products so that a larger system, such as supply chain management software, can monitor their status.

What are the benefits of RFID indicators for supply chain management?

RFID impact indicators are a vital part of everyday operations and are utilized in many businesses that rely on a supply chain network. 

Using RFID technology, it is possible to monitor a variety of products, including retail goods, medicines, medical supplies, cars, pets, and livestock, as well as food and beverages. 

RFID technology helps businesses increase inventory management. 

Andshockwatch RFID impact indicator enables businesses to take use of both the advantages of RFID inventory tracking and an impact monitoring programme.

The need for visual inspections is significantly reduced with shockwatch RFID. 

This implies that the recipient will be aware if there has been a possibly detrimental influence when shipments are scanned. 

If the cargo has not been impacted, the shipment may be transferred into saleable inventory once the label is activated, allowing product to be segregated for additional examination.

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