FOLX Torrent Client | Fast Downloads & Easy Mac Integration

FOLX Torrent Client

Are you tired of sluggish downloads? The Mac-built FOLX torrent client rockets past slow speeds with effortless integration. Command your downloads and unlock your Mac’s full potential. Take control; it’s FOLX time.

How to Torrent on Mac using Folx Software

  • Find a Torrent
    • Search within Folx or browse the internet for torrents.
  • Add to Folx
    • Click on the torrent link or magnet link.
  • Set Download Options
    • Assign tags, choose the download location, and schedule if needed. Then start the download.

The best Mac torrent client: Essential options

  • Support for Magnet Links
    • Enables direct torrent downloading without .torrent files.
    • It simplifies the process and saves storage space.
    • Convenient for accessing content quickly.
  • Proxy Server Downloading
    • Ensures anonymity and bypasses network restrictions.
    • Routes torrent traffic through proxy servers.
    • Useful for accessing restricted content securely.
  • Splitting Downloads into Two Threads
    • Boosts download speeds by simultaneous downloading.
    • Divide files into smaller parts for efficient retrieval.
    • Ideal for large files and faster downloads.
  • Smart Tagging
    • Organizes downloaded files with custom tags.
    • Simplifies file retrieval and management.
    • Improve user experience with efficient organization.

How to download torrents on Mac using Folx software

To download torrents on your Mac using Folx software, begin by opening the Folx application. Next, search for the desired torrents within Folx or explore torrent websites online. 

Once you’ve found the torrent you want, add it to Folx by clicking on the provided link or magnet link. Customize your download preferences by selecting the download location and scheduling options. 

Finally, initiate the download process within Folx to download the torrent to your Mac.

Mac torrent client brings more features with Folx PRO

  • In-built Torrent Search Tool
    • Conveniently search for torrents directly within the client.
    • Eliminates the need to visit multiple torrent websites.
    • Streamlines the torrent discovery process.
  • Multi-threading
    • Accelerates download speeds by utilizing multiple connections.
    • Splits files into threads for faster downloading.
    • Enhances efficiency, especially for larger files.
  • Smart Speed Adjustment
    • Automatically optimizes bandwidth for optimal download speeds.
    • It prevents other internet activities from being affected.
    • Ensures a smooth downloading experience.
  • Download Scheduling
    • Allows users to schedule downloads for a later time.
    • Provides flexibility and convenience for managing downloads.
    • Ensures downloads occur at preferred times, even when away from the computer.


Finally, unlock your Mac’s full potential with FOLX, the epitome of efficiency and excellence in torrenting for macOS. Seamlessly integrated and lightning-fast, FOLX empowers users with unparalleled control over their download experience. Elevate your torrenting game today with FOLX and experience the difference.


Is Folx free or pro?

Folx offers both free and pro versions. The free version has basic functionalities, while the pro version includes advanced features such as splitting downloads into multiple threads, scheduling downloads, and more.

What is Folx torrent?

Folx is a download manager and torrent client for macOS. It allows users to download files, including torrents, from the internet easily.

Does Mac have a torrent client?

MacOS doesn’t come with a built-in torrent client by default. However, users can download third-party torrent clients like Folx to manage their torrent downloads.

Can you download it from YouTube to FOLX?

Folx supports downloading videos from YouTube and many other websites. Users can simply copy the video URL and paste it into Folx to initiate the download.

How do I use FOLX in Chrome?

To use Folx with Chrome, you can install the Folx Chrome extension. Once installed, you can integrate Folx with Chrome by enabling the extension. This lets you download files directly using Folx from within the Chrome browser.

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