Five Jobs That Could Offer You More Freedom and Improve Your Work/Life Balance

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Employment has changed tremendously over the last 30 years or so. With our increased reliance on technology and, in particular, the internet, the world has become a considerably more connected place, transforming both our personal and work lives.

However, this increased uptake of the web, social media, messaging apps, and cloud computing tech hasn’t just changed the traditional work model – it has also led to a huge increase in freelance working opportunities. These days, technology is allowing employees to branch out and go it alone, breaking free from the traditional confines of office work and taking on jobs on a third-party basis. 

There’s never been a better time to go freelance

While freelancing has been growing for many years, the lockdowns, financial upheaval, and shift to remote-working caused by the recent COVID outbreak have also forced companies to redress their former working policies, again helping fuel the sector.

In truth, if you’re looking to go it alone, there’s never been a better time than now. Below are five possible career changes you could make to improve your work/life balance and start cashing in on the burgeoning demand for freelance workers.

Personal trainer

Today, the health and fitness market is bigger than ever, and with that has come increasing demand for personal trainers, experts skilled at devising lifestyle regimes to help people lose weight and live more healthily. A typical personal trainer will assess their client’s health and dietary needs before compiling a nutrition and exercise plan to help them meet their goals. This job requires both hard and soft skills – though you will need relevant qualifications.

Freelance delivery driver

With so many of us staying at home and shopping online, the e-commerce sector has never been bigger, and with that growth has come a huge demand for freelance couriers. If you already own a car or van, why not try your hand at hot shot trucking by joining an online service like Working as a freelance driver could offer you exactly the freedom you desire while still being able to make a good living with very little start-up outlay required. The best thing is, you won’t need any particular additional skills or qualifications.


If you have a talent for prose, you could forge a living from creative writing – particularly writing copy for websites, social media posts, advertising campaigns, corporate newsletters, etc. The demand for writers has skyrocketed in recent years as more web admins have come to realize that quality content is what drives traffic to websites.

Web designer

While you will need to develop specific skills to work as a web designer, the Return on Investment (ROI) can be substantial, with most web developers earning an enviable wage yet having the creative freedom to work alone from pretty much any location in the world. It may take a little time to break this market, but once you have a portfolio of proven work behind you, the sky’s the limit.


Given the global nature of the internet, the demand for skilled translators is massive these days. Sure, it’s possible to use Google Translate or other services to provide a rough translation, but if firms are to have any chance of penetrating foreign markets, they need to ensure they employ someone with the skills to pick up on the slight vagaries of language and avoid making potentially damaging translation mistakes.

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