Eight Ways to Take Your Business Global From Local

build a global business

We live in a world where almost nothing seems impossible, and just like that, taking your business global is not out of the question. Businesses who want to double their revenue, offer their product/service to a more significant chunk of their target audience, and compete with international companies take this challenge. And believe it or not, taking your business global opens doors to tons of opportunities and provides excellent advantages.

Business owners take their businesses globally through various methods with different levels of experience. This also entails the kind of products they are selling and the services their offering.

If you’re a business owner, here are eight ways of taking your business from local to global.

Do your Market Research

First things first, if you are thinking of taking your business global, you need to conduct adequate research on where your market is and the most interested people in what you have to offer. For example, if you have a skincare/beauty brand, you may want to start from France or Singapore as they are great cosmetics and skincare markets.

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Be Attentive of the new Marketing Tools

While picking the most commonly used marketing techniques, you must be aware of any new marketing tools and strategies. Then, go online to target a large part of your target audience globally.

We live in a tech-savvy world where marketing platforms, mainly social media platforms, change dynamically, bringing something new daily. To maintain a competitive edge of your business globally, see the unique marketing strategies happening in the foreign market.

Every country has a different advertising culture and way of perceiving things. Therefore, you need to modify your advertising creatives and see if those marketing strategies and tools resonate with your business message and audience.

Understand Global Rules and Culture

If you are picking to enter a new country market, you need to understand their culture, likes and dislikes, what they are talking about, the brands and advertising language they are excited about, their habits, or how they view things. Then, you will have to build content that will engage them.

Not just the culture, you also need to know the rules and regulations of the new market. Every country has a different set of rules for entrepreneurs to start their businesses. Business owners have to be familiar with the local body of laws, taxation, work, or privacy rules.

Learn Product Localization

Going global, product localization is another crucial aspect you need to consider to grab your audience’s attention. Sometimes companies confuse product localization with ‘translation of your product/service. However, translation is just a part of product localization.

For your product to impress your audience, it should look local, should be according to the audience’s culture, style, and language.

Start practicing International Languages

One of the most important ways to take your business global from local is to learn international languages. No audience will understand your product or service if you are advertising in your mother tongue. You can either hire a translator or go for translation applications to translate your content for your audience. And at the same time, if not all six international languages, start perfecting at least one of them.

Take International Business Trips

We all know public relations is the key that opens many doors. Even though digitalization has modified the way brands market themselves, business owners can invest time building professional relationships with supporting businesses.

Pick methods of distributing your product/service

Another way to take your business global is to decide the distribution methods of your products or delivery of services. For example, it would help if you chose to start your foreign subsidiary or pick retailers or representatives to give your products to.


Taking your business global comes with its own set of pros and cons. While some take it as an opportunity, others see it as a high risk of failure.

But, with high risks, there are higher returns. Growing your business internationally can save you against the dangers of closing up shop. If one place is in crisis, another might not be. Overall, global business expansion has high chances of business growth.

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