First-Date Jitters: How To Break the Ice

First-Date Jitters: How To Break the Ice

First dates. So many of us have gone through the stress of one. From picking out an outfit to practicing talking to a potential partner in the mirror, all this is nerve-racking. It’s OK to be nervous. Honestly, mostly everyone has gone through what you’re experiencing now. Here’s your trustworthy guide to purging first-date jitters and how to break the ice.

Ask Common Interest Questions

Even if you and your date have a connection, there’s a chance that they have nothing in common with you. But that’s fine. Sometimes, opposites attract, and if things work out, you both could learn to enjoy what each person likes.

However, when asking common interest questions, be kind. If you appear angry or roll your eyes because someone likes cooking and you loathe it, it could be a sign that this date will be a disaster. Be nice when discussing personal interests; it might be something you end up enjoying later, or you might think it’s the coolest trait about that person.

Remember Not To Make This an Interview

A first date is about both parties. There are horror stories where dates end up with a one-sided conversation. Remember, this is not an interview. Neither of you is going on a reality show or applying for a job. Be open to discussing your interests, pet peeves, and future goals.

Also, be engaging. Don’t say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to everything the other person says. Add an opinion, reaction, or something similar to what they’re talking about. Being responsive is the best way to show potential partners that you can communicate and add variety to a conversation.

Hit Them With an Exhilarating Fun Fact About Your Interests

Do you have many fun facts about your interests up your sleeves? If so, then share them! Sometimes the best way to break awkward silences is to bring up something fun. That fun fact you give could get the ball rolling and help your date come out of their shell.

If you’re a sports fanatic and love showing it, whip out baseball wisdom on the greatest power hitters in MLB history. Again, this gets the conversation flowing. Even if the other person isn’t too crazy about sports, they’ll be interested in learning something interesting.

Be Yourself: That’s the Best Way To Break the Ice

So many first-daters get the dating scene wrong. Many walk into dates with fake perceptions of themselves. While first dates are stressful, it’s better to be yourself. The person you’re going out with doesn’t expect you to come with a bouquet, box of chocolate, or bottle of wine waiting at the table.

Honestly, all first-daters want is for potential partners to be themselves. That’s it. As you shake away first-date jitters for your date, try these strategies to break the ice. These will help you feel confident and get the conversation flowing.

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