Elevate Your Office Decor: Creative Ways to Showcase Your Achievements

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Strategically decorating your workspace with your awards has various advantages, and many professionals seem to undermine them!

If your work environment provides an impressive display of your awards and certificates, it allows visitors and colleagues to gauge your journey and achievements. Moreover, it provides an excellent opportunity for people to praise your hard work and accomplishments, and they can also be great conversation starters and boost your social self at work.

Furthermore, as you look at the evidence of your dedication and success around you, it will only serve as further motivation and inspiration to continue achieving your goals!

Read ahead to discover the top tips on elevating your office space by bringing out your awards and accomplishments. 

Step 1: Organize and Shortlist Awards and Certifications

Before we start decorating, ensuring that the aftermath of much-needed office elevating will not be excess clutter is essential. This is why we’ll start by organizing and shortlisting the awards that need to be brought into the spotlight.

  • Organize by Importance of Awards

Firstly, lay out all your awards and certifications and decide which are the most outstanding and noteworthy ones. The awards you shortlist as being the most important are the ones that will be part of the central display in your office- the area that is the most eye-catching. 

The rest of the awards will be part of the background decoration, but if you have minimal space, it may be best to exclude them.

  • Organize by Grouping the Awards

By displaying your awards in groups, you can make your professional journey more cohesive and straightforward. 

You can group them according to various categories, including educational achievements such as your diplomas and certifications. The next category could be industry awards or your company-issued awards. 

Moreover, place them according to a chronological timeline so your journey makes sense to an onlooker and highlights your growth over time!

Step 2: Choose the Aesthetic of Your Workplace

A well-chosen color scheme and aesthetic will be decisive in making your office space visually appealing. 

Therefore, pick out a color scheme that reflects your personality and identity. However, you could also incorporate your company’s brand colors to reflect your dedication. If you are self-employed, you could  combine your personal branding aesthetic into your workspace.

Once you have chosen your color theme, go for a shopping spree and pick out office decor that will bring together your aesthetic. 

To make your awards more color-coordinated or aesthetic, you could get novelty documents made, such as a fake diploma! Getting a novelty diploma or other certifications has various benefits, such as customizing them to appear new and prestigious with unique and luxurious detailing. Moreover, getting novelty documents made allows you to display your certifications, like diplomas, in more places than one! 

Step 3: Let Your Personal Life Shine Through

A great way to retain the attention of your visitors is by adding touches of your personal life to your display.

Add some photographs of significant professional and academic moments, such as you receiving awards or meeting well-reputed people. This can also play a role in discreetly illustrating your connections.

Next to specific awards, you can also hang souvenirs of the places you visited to receive them to create a nostalgic atmosphere of time travel.

Furthermore, if you have been mentioned in any articles or newspapers, hang up the clippings to demonstrate the impact of your work as recognized by others. Similarly, if significant personalities have endorsed you or given testimonials, artistically include them in your office decor!

Step 4: Pinpoint Their Final Destination

Scan your office with X-ray vision and decide on suitable places for each group of your awards. 

Deciding on the most appropriate locations to maximize visibility and influence can often be tricky. 

However, the simple hack of determining the most efficient place for your awards and props is deciding on a position with the most significant foot traffic. Such placements include places near your office entrance, office desk, waiting areas, or shared conference rooms. These places will ensure your awards are noticed, and visitors have something to focus on.

It is essential to note that you should avoid placing your awards in cluttered areas that have other decorations or props surrounding them. This will allow your accomplishments to be the central point of everyone’s attention!

Step 5: Utilize the Correct Equipment To Display Your Awards

Now that you have selected the final destinations of your awards, it is time to hunt for the correct equipment and materials to exhibit your awards. The following are the five types of display methods we recommend.

  • Display Cases

Display cases are the perfect way to showcase a group of related awards or certifications. The benefit of acquiring display cases for your office is that you can get them customized to match your office’s interior, whether it be glass, acrylic, wooden, or any other material! 

Your hard-earned awards need to be illuminated, so don’t forget to add built-in LED lighting to the display cases. This will amplify the sleek and modern vibe of your space!

  • Made-To-Order Frames

The most common way to showcase paper-based awards and certificates is through customized frames! This is because they can be tailor-made to the size of each certification and can also incorporate the theme of your office by utilizing certain materials such as metal, wood, or acrylic. Not only that, they ensure that no unwanted substances will be spoiling the awards.

  • Floating Shelves

Floating or wall-mounted shelves are a trendy way of exhibiting your awards and are especially handy in creating more space in congested offices. Floating shelves are also ideal for displaying a particular timeline or story through a chronological placement of awards.

Moreover, with such shelves, you can add other decorative pieces to create a warm and inviting space, such as by adding plants, vinery, or artwork.

  • Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes play a crucial role in elegantly featuring three-dimensional awards like trophies or medals while protecting them from dust and harm. These frames can also blend into your theme if you get the background and matting customized.

  • Suspended Display System

Recently, there has been a rise in the usage of cable or rod-based suspended display systems to feature awards or artwork in office spaces. This is because they utilize your walls efficiently and in a chic manner.

That’s not all; you can also use these systems to carry your frames, shadow boxes, and other display items while creating a visually alluring look!


Strategically equipping your office space with your achievements is an excellent way to make strong impressions on your visitors or colleagues, so remember to follow all the steps mentioned above to elevate your office space. Moreover, it is vital to remember to keep updating your award displays over time and to keep the display equipment pristine and tidy.

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