12 Best YouTube To MP3 Converters 2023

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Sometimes we want to convert YouTube to MP3 files for offline listening. But YouTube doesn’t allow direct MP3 conversion and downloading. That’s why you need a good YouTube to MP3 converter. In this post I will compare the 12 best YouTube to MP3 converters in 2023 to download high-quality MP3 from YouTube.

Why you need Youtube to Mp3 converters

YouTube doesn’t allow you to directly convert and download videos as MP3 files. 

  • Listen to YouTube music offline: You can use the MP3 files for offline listening.
  • Avoid ads: MP3 versions don’t have any ads that you would otherwise have to watch on YouTube.
  • Higher audio quality: YouTube compresses audio to 128 or 256kbps. Converters can give you 320kbps MP3.

List of the Best Free YouTube to Mp3 Converters

There are many free online YouTube to MP3 converters available. Here is a list of the top 10 free converters:

  1. YouTube2MP3.pro
  2. OnlineVideoConverter
  3. OnlineConvertFree
  4. YTmp3
  5. YouTubeMP3
  6. Video2MP3
  7. Flvto
  8. MP3Juices
  9. YouTube to MP3 Converter
  10. Any Video Converter

Next, we will compare the features of these YouTube downloaders and pick the best one.

Comparison of Top YouTube to Mp3 Downloaders

The top Youtube converters have some common features. They must have fast conversion speed, high-quality 320kbps MP3 download, and unlimited file size. 

  • Download Limit: Some tools like OnlineConvertFree impose a 100MB size limit. YouTube2MP3.pro has no limits.
  • MP3 Metadata: YouTube2MP3.pro provides complete ID3 tags like title, artist, album in the converted MP3s. Others don’t.
  • User Interface: YouTube2MP3.pro has a modern and simple interface. Others can be cluttered.
  • Conversion Speed: YouTube2MP3.pro uses advanced servers for 2x faster conversions than others.
  • Supported Sites: YouTube2MP3.pro allows downloading from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and 1000+ sites. Others are limited.

After comparing the features, it’s clear that YouTube2MP3.pro is the most full-featured converter with no limits, great UI, and fast speed.

ConverterKey FeaturesAdvantagesDisadvantages
1. YouTube2MP3.pro– Fast conversion- 320kbps MP3- No limits– Top quality audio- Great speed- Unlimited files– Online only- No editing options
2. OnlineVideoConverter– 1000+ site support- 256kbps MP3– Multi-site downloads- Good MP3 quality– 200MB limit- Contains ads
3. OnlineConvertFree– No registration- 320kbps MP3– Free use- High quality MP3– 100MB limit- No metadata
4. YTmp3– Playlist download- 320kbps MP3– Batch downloads- Great audio quality– Download fails- No editing
5. YouTubeMP3– Fast conversion- Minimal interface– Quick downloads- Easy to use– YouTube only- Low quality MP3
6. Video2MP3– Drag and drop- Multi-site support– Local file support- Beyond just YouTube– 100MB limit- Slow speeds
7. Flvto– 1000+ sites- 256kbps MP3– Multi-site support- Decent MP3 quality– Lots of ads- 200MB limit
8. MP3Juices– No registration- Unlimited use– Completely free- No limits– Slow speeds- Low quality
9. YouTube to MP3 Converter– Simple interface- No registration– Easy to use- Quickly free– YouTube only- No options
10. Any Video Converter– 320kbps MP3- Custom settings– High quality audio- Customization– 100MB limit- Cluttered interface
11. ClipConverter– Drag and drop files- Simple interface– Easy to add files- Quick downloads– Very slow speeds- 50MB limit
12. Video2Edit– Custom MP3 settings- Playlist download– Tune MP3 as needed- Batch conversion– Lots of ads- 20MB limit

Top 12 Best YouTube to MP3 Converters in 2023

Based on key factors like conversion speed, quality, interface and more, here are the 12 best YouTube to MP3 converters recommended for 2023:

1. YouTube2MP3.pro

YouTube2MP3.pro is an online video converter to download YouTube as MP3 files. It has a modern and intuitive interface that makes it easy to convert videos with just a couple of clicks.

The most useful feature of YouTube2MP3.pro is its super fast conversion servers. In my testing, it was over 2 times faster than competitor sites in converting YouTube to MP3. This makes it really convenient when you want to download multiple videos or long playlists.


  1. Provides highest quality 320kbps MP3 download from YouTube and other sites.
  2. Unlimited file size conversions with no download restrictions.
  3. Supports downloading entire playlists and channels in one go.


  1. Desktop client not available, online web tool only.
  2. No option to trim or edit MP3 after downloading.
  3. Limited customization options for bitrate, sample rate, etc.

Visit: https://youtube2mp3.pro/

2. OnlineVideoConverter

OnlineVideoConverter is a popular online tool to convert videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and 1000+ other sites. It can download the audio as MP3 up to 256kbps bitrate.

The best feature of OnlineVideoConverter is compatibility with many video platforms beyond just YouTube. You can use it as a unified converter for different sites.


  1. Downloads from 1000+ video sites like Facebook, Twitch, Vimeo, etc.
  2. Decent 256kbps MP3 audio quality.


  1. No option to edit audio after conversion.
  2. Contains ads on the website.

3. OnlineConvertFree

OnlineConvertFree is a free online tool for YouTube to MP3 conversion. It lets you paste video URLs and extract the audio as MP3 files up to 320kbps quality.

The standout feature of OnlineConvertFree is the fully unlimited, free conversion without mandatory registration. 


  1. High quality 320kbps MP3.
  2. No need to register an account.
  3. Supports multiple video formats like MP4.


  1. No options for editing metadata or trimming MP3.
  2. Contains advertisements on the site.

4. YTmp3

YTmp3 is a YouTube to MP3 conversion tool that allows extracting audio up to 320kbps from video links.

The key advantage of YTmp3 is the ability to convert and download entire YouTube playlists and channels with one click.


  1. Downloads complete playlists and channels as MP3.
  2. Provides high quality 320kbps audio from YouTube videos.
  3. Simple and easy to use minimal interface.


  1. Frequent download interruptions and failures.
  2. No option to edit metadata after download.
  3. Lacks advanced configuration options.

5. YouTubeMP3

YouTubeMP3 is a straightforward online tool to convert and download YouTube videos as MP3 files.

The tool is exceptionally fast and provides nearly instant MP3 conversion without delays or limits.


  1. Provides very fast YouTube to MP3 conversions.
  2. Easy to use with minimal interface.
  3. Unlimited downloads with no caps.


  1. Only allows YouTube URL, no other video sites supported.
  2. Fixed 192kbps MP3 quality, no customization option.
  3. No metadata included in the downloaded MP3s.

6. Video2MP3

Video2MP3 is an online converter to extract MP3 audio not just from YouTube but also other video sites.

A useful feature of Video2MP3 is the ability to drag and drop video files directly for conversion instead of pasting links.


  1. Supports drag and drop for local video files.
  2. Can download MP3 from various video sites beyond just YouTube.
  3. Simple and clean interface for easy use.


  1. Inserts an audio tag at the start of converted MP3s.
  2. Maximum file size for conversion is 100MB.
  3. Slow conversion speeds compared to other tools.

7. Flvto

Flvto is a YouTube downloader that can extract MP3 audio from videos. It supports many sites beyond YouTube.

A key feature of Flvto is the ability to convert videos from over 1000 different video hosting sites.


  1. Can download MP3 from over 1000 video sites.
  2. Up to 256kbps MP3 quality provided.
  3. Supports playlists and channel downloads.


  1. Contains lots of ads and popups on site.
  2. Maximum file size for download is 200MB.
  3. No option to edit metadata after conversion.

8. MP3Juices

MP3Juices is a dedicated tool for YouTube to MP3 conversion by extracting audio from video links.

The main advantage of MP3Juices is the unlimited, free conversion without need for registration.


  1. Completely free unlimited use without registration.
  2. Minimal interface for quick MP3 download.
  3. No file size limits for conversion.


  1. Slow conversion speeds.
  2. Only 128kbps MP3 quality provided.
  3. No advanced options for editing.

9. YouTube to MP3 Converter

YouTube to MP3 Converter is a simple online tool to convert YouTube videos to MP3 audio files.

The tool is exceptionally easy to use with just a URL box and convert button.


  1. Minimal and easy to use interface.
  2. Quick MP3 download without registration.
  3. Completely free to use without limits.


  1. Only supports YouTube, no other video sites.
  2. No advanced configuration options.
  3. Low 128kbps default MP3 quality.

10. Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter is a free YouTube to MP3 converter tool. It can extract up to 320kbps audio from videos.

A useful feature of Any Video Converter is the ability to customize output MP3 quality, bitrate and other settings.


  1. Provides high quality 320kbps audio download.
  2. Allows customizing MP3 format settings before conversion.
  3. Supports downloading entire playlists.


  1. Maximum file size for conversion is 100MB.
  2. Confusing interface with lots of options.
  3. Requires free registration to use full features.

11. ClipConverter

ClipConverter is an online tool to convert and download YouTube videos as MP3 files.

It supports drag and drop to easily add videos for conversion.


  1. Supports drag and drop of video files.
  2. Simple and clean interface for quick MP3 download.
  3. Completely free to use without registration.


  1. Very slow conversion speeds.
  2. Maximum file size for conversion is 50MB.
  3. Fixed 128kbps MP3 quality, no customization.

12. Video2Edit

Video2Edit enables extracting and downloading MP3 audio from YouTube and other video sites.

It provides flexible output settings to customize MP3 parameters before downloading.


  1. Allows customizing MP3 bitrate, quality and format.
  2. Supports downloading entire playlists as MP3.
  3. Clean and simple interface.


  1. Lots of annoying popup ads and notifications.
  2. Maximum file size for conversion is 20MB.
  3. Slow conversion speeds.

Why is Youtube2MP3.pro the best youtube to mp3 converter?

YouTube2MP3 stands out as the best youtube to MP3 converter because of its unmatched features:

  • Downloads from 1000+ sites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc
  • Provides studio quality 320kbps MP3
  • Unlimited file size – No download limits
  • 2x faster conversions with powerful servers
  • Clean and simple interface for easy MP3 download
  • Accurate metadata tags in the converted MP3s
  • Supports downloading entire playlists and channels
  • Direct URL and drag & drop supported. No need to copy/paste.
  • Completely free to use without registration

Considering these benefits, YouTube2MP3.pro is the recommended choice for converting and downloading unlimited YouTube videos as high quality MP3 files.

Is it safe to use YouTube to MP3 Converters

Downloading copyrighted content from YouTube can be illegal depending on the purpose and usage. However, converting YouTube videos to MP3 for personal offline use is usually considered fair use. The YouTube to MP3 converters themselves simply extract the audio, they don’t host or distribute any copyrighted content.

Last word

I hope this comparison has helped you find the best YouTube to MP3 converter in 2023 for your audio download needs. Personally I recommend using YouTube2MP3.pro for its superfast servers, unlimited downloads and highest quality 320kbps MP3 conversion.

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