Dark Energy Facts

After supernova universe was expanding up to one point and after that strange matter continued this expansion. Scientists called this matter the Dark Energy. Dark energy has so much of dark matter that is associated with it and we still don’t know much about it. Though, man has made such large strides in astronomy and has been able to find out so much, at the same time, there is so much more that remains and that is the dark matter. There is the mysterious and unknown form of energy in the universe that man has not been able to fathom much about.rnThis energy is in the form of one that is made by heavenly bodies like neutron stars, the sun, Galileo Galilei and the various black holes that abound. rnrnAlmost as much as 23% of the universe is not visible to the naked human eye. This means that there is so much of dark energy being formed in the universe and we are not aware of it. There are multitude amounts of different ways in which these gases and energy can get together in the most unknown of ways and probably go on to form stars and galaxies that way. This is the place where most of the mass in the universe accumulates. The dark energy is more concentrated towards the center and gets less as it goes outwards.