Conversion-Driven Product Messaging

Conversion-Driven Product Messaging

There are a ton of instances where design and copy fell short if you look at any grocery store’s sale department or last chance section. If the company does not carefully consider the messaging of each package before it is released onto shop shelves, even the most remarkable and revolutionary product will meet a similar end.

In order to communicate the hidden buying drivers that are most crucial to potential customers and prevent your product from following the discount or die route, you must let a packaging design firm deliberately create your product packaging. If you do this correctly, you will beat out the competitors and soon get to the top of your specific CPG category.

Locating the Purchase Drivers by Category

Although there may be some overlap in the framework for analyzing customer motivations, different categories have different real purchasing motivators. What motivates someone to buy candy will be very different from what motivates them to buy veggies and fruits. The first step in discovering the key purchasing drivers for a product is to analyze customer behavior in a category.

It is simple to identify the “assumed” revealed buying drivers for a CPG product. All it takes is a quick Google search, a package audit of comparable products, or a phone call to the grocery store asking about what is selling quickly and why. This just reveals what other people believe to be effective for customers. When it comes to your package marketing approach, you are effectively taking a chance without conducting your own research and polling customers.

Your product must be distinctive, but we need to mean something other than having eye-catching packaging that pops off the shelf. Discovering the hidden purchasing motivations and communicating those signals in a manner that engages and connects with the customer is necessary for effectively standing out. Ensure that the need or desire is highlighted by your on-pack marketing and is shared and acceptable to the customer.

Follow These Simple Steps For Product Message Success

  • Find out which motivators are most important.
  • Sort the product messages into priority order based on significance.
  • Use graphics to highlight current or fill in any gaps in your product’s messaging.

Finding the Brand Motivators Behind Purchases

Unfortunately, a bunch of brand drivers used in CPG product marketing consist of ones that the company values but need to resonate more effectively with consumers. A paraphrased mission statement of the CPG firm displayed on product packaging ends up taking up valuable space that could have been used for more meaningful category and brand purchasing drivers.

These brand drivers should be developed through researched and tested customer data and should correspond to the consumer’s purchasing experience when researching the product in a category. Consumer insight will reveal which brand components speak to the customer, both in terms of initial brand recognition and brand recall.

A strategy that asks, “What separates our brand from the competition, and in what ways can we represent that on the package?” comes before this testing. Next, you put this brand message to the test to see whether what you consider to be true surely works as a brand purchase driver with the target audience.

You have put in a lot of effort to create your brand, and you want it to succeed. The next step is to convert more shoppers with the help of a professional packaging printer. They will conduct an assessment to determine what matters and then develop a requirements analysis to determine what is lacking as a result of this testing.

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