6 Steps to Take to Find Corporate Housing in Austin, TX

Corporate Housing in Austin

Austin is an ever-growing hotspot for industry and commerce. From exciting tech start-ups to long-standing institutions, there are many opportunities for professionals in Austin, TX. You may find yourself assigned to a new role or short-term job assignment in your industry in Austin. Between learning the details of your new job and learning more about the area, finding housing can be a challenge. So here are six steps to take to find corporate housing in Austin, TX. 

1. Learn About the Neighborhoods 

Researching neighborhoods is a great first step to finding housing in a new city. You want to make sure the new area you move to is somewhere you can happily call home. Even if it’s for a shorter corporate relocation. Austin luckily has many different neighborhoods to choose from. And most coincide with different industry hubs, making it simple to find corporate housing options close to your place of work. 

To get started, some of the most popular neighborhoods in Austin include:

  • Downtown
  • North Austin
  • East Austin
  • Central Austin
  • West Austin 
  • South Austin

Each neighborhood has its own identity and is home to different industry hubs. For example, if you just got a new tech job, some of the neighborhoods you will want to look at include North Austin and Central Austin. 

2. Map Out Your Commute 

ANother way to pick where to live is to look at housing near your workplace. Once you know where the offices are, you can begin to figure out how far away it is from different areas of the city. Factoring in your commute time can act as a guide for how close or far you would like to live from your office. 

Some people prefer living in a suburban area and commuting into the city. While others would love for their office to be down the road in a busy urban area. Knowing what you like in your housing options and how you can translate those to Austin will help you find the right place to live for your corporate relocation. 

3. Look for Short Term Rentals 

Another way that you can find corporate housing in Austin is to look at short-term rental options. Most cities offer short-term housing solutions. Some may even come fully furnished, saving you time and money on your move. Not to mention taking away the headache of moving furniture to a new place you’ll only be in for a couple of months. Many short-term rentals will be located in bustling areas with walkable destinations. Some may even be in corporate housing locations where you can run into other young professionals and explore the city together. 

4. Work with a Relocation Service 

Corporate relocations can be stressful. Between the search for a new place, working, and learning your way around a new area, it can be difficult to have time to find something. This is where corporate relocation services can come in and do all the heavy lifting for you. Finding corporate housing in Austin can be simple when you work with a great representative. A relocation service can also give you peace of mind about your place. Finding the right neighborhood and making sure you feel safe and secure can be hard when you don’t know anything about the city you are moving to. You can feel more at ease when someone who knows the ins and outs of Austin finds you an incredible apartment

5. Schedule Time with Your Employer 

When you find yourself in the middle of a move for work, one of the resources you can use for help is your employer. Your employer should be aware of the work that goes into a corporate relocation and should have the resources to help you with the move. Take some time to talk to your boss or HR department. They may know corporate housing complexes that will be perfect for your stay in Austin. 

6. Talk to Friends and Colleagues 

Another resource that can help you find housing is your friends and colleagues. Chances are if you ask people in your network, they may know someone that lives in Austin or can connect you with someone else that does. Some of your colleagues may have even done a corporate stint in Austin before and can recommend different housing options for you. If your company has offices in Austin, don’t be afraid to ask to be connected with some employees that work there. A quick zoom call with someone that lives in the area can open up plenty of doors to help you find the perfect housing for your time in Austin. 


Austin is an exciting city for young professionals to enjoy and explore during a corporate relocation. While finding housing can be challenging, there are plenty of resources at your disposal that can help you find the perfect place. Once you’ve settled in it’s time to explore and take in everything that Austin has to offer. 

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