Best Types of Chickens To Raise

Best Types of Chickens To Raise

Caring for odd pets is a wonderful thing, especially when they help provide sustenance for your family. Chickens are a great investment and addition to your home. If you have the right setup to raise chickens, you could enjoy fresh eggs daily and even bond with these amazing creatures.

If you want to start a chicken coop of your own, check out the best types of chickens to raise.

Rhode Island Red Chickens

Rhode Island Red chickens are ideal for first-time chicken ranchers because they produce many eggs. These chickens have a distinct red color in their feathers and stand tall. They’re known as one of the most appealing-looking chickens.

If you choose Rhode Island Reds, understand that they like attention and need a personal relationship with you, or they can become agitated.

Hybrid Chickens

Hybrid chickens are also very capable of producing many eggs, much like the Rhode Island chickens. People specifically bred them to produce many eggs and quality meat. This is a major plus if that’s what you want your chickens for. People also designed their genetic makeup to grant them stronger immune systems than other chicken breeds. So, they’re less likely to become sick and have lower veterinary costs.

If you choose to get hybrid chickens, remember that they’re a newer breed and often lack survival instincts that other, older breeds have ingrained in their minds. They may require more security measures than other breeds as a result.

Plymouth Rock Chickens

Plymouth Rock chickens are perfect for families with children, as they’re very docile and loving toward humans. They’re one of the most popular options among urban chicken ranchers because of their quiet and friendly nature.

If you choose this type of chicken, you need to maintain your chicken coop by keeping it clean and protecting your chickens from hidden dangers like ammonia in their environment. While they’re typically a healthy breed, these looming threats can affect your entire stock.

The best types of chickens to raise for you depends on your lifestyle and needs. Pick out the chickens that complement your ideal lifestyle and enjoy the journey of raising loving, feathery chickens with your family.

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