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Angler Fish Mating

Angler fish is a deep sea creature known by its lantern which attracts the pray in dark waters.  For them to find a suitable partner can be a impossible quest.   For this reason when male finds a female it latches on her and spends the rest of his life feeding from his female partner.   After certain time the male loses his organs and their skin melt into each other’s becoming one organism.  Scientists were puzzled by this discovery because consequently the male becomes a small lump on the female’s body.  The lump that is always available source of sperm.  The male angler fish finds a female by following her odor in the vast ocean.  In sense it gives itself completely to became senseless creature that is no more than ordinary parasite.

Where Do Angler Fish Live?

Angler fish live more than a mile beneath the surface and primarily in the Atlantic and Antarctic oceans.  This is where the vast majority live and survive, although there are some in shalow, tropical environments.  More info found here.

What Do Angler Fish Eat?

Angler fish are not picky eaters.  They are carnivorous and will consume almost anything that they can lure in and consume.  More info on eating habits found here.

angler fish mating


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TIL that the male Angler fish fuses itself to a female during the mating process, atrophies, and dies leaving her with a testicle that she uses at her leasure. This is the sole reason he exist. from todayilearned

TIL that only female Anglerfish have lures and actively look for food. The males are tiny and pale and spend their entire life finding and fusing to female Anglers, where they begin to degenerate until they are little more than a pair of gonads providing sperm to the female on her command. from todayilearned


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