5 Ways To Make Spa Guests Feel Comfortable

5 Ways To Make Spa Guests Feel Comfortable

Most schedule a day at the spa to decompress as they experience feelings of true luxury. By looking into the five ways to make spa guests feel comfortable, you can give clients the experience they desire. By improving this, you also ensure your business stands out among the many competitors.

Welcome Guests

When someone walks into the salon for the first time, greet them with more than a simple “hello.” Remind staff to smile at customers and ask how they can help before the client has to state why they’re visiting your business.


Want to take things one step further? Offer water with lemon or other fruit in the reception area for guests to drink while waiting for their appointment. This starts the luxury experience right and sets a relaxing atmosphere.

Keep It Clean

A dirty or disorganized spa doesn’t feel relaxing; customers may even question how sanitary things are. One simple way to make spa guests feel comfortable is to set expectations for staff on how rooms should look throughout the workday. Additionally, make sure staff cleans sheets, towels, and tools between each customer.

Invest in Quality Products

As you shop for the essential supplies for your sparemember that quality matters both for your products and comfort essentials. Everyone loves feeling cozy, so purchase soft robes and plush towels to create a luxury experience for your clients.  

Set the Environment

Relaxation should set in as customers walk into the salon, so decorate strategically by having neutral colors, dim lighting, relaxing music, and a bit of greenery. It’s not uncommon for spas to have restrictions on phone usage and adult-only rules—with designated areas for children—since both create a Zen environment.


Ask customers about their stay at the end of a visit to find out how you can improve. People are more likely to return to a business that cares about the client’s opinion. Also, by getting client feedback, you discover changes you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of, like adding an essential oil diffuser to the waiting room to boost tranquility.

Make Customers Feel Appreciated

Take things one step further and give clients a parting gift to thank them for visiting your business. Many will offer free samples of the products they used. Why does this work wonders for a spa? Because clients feel appreciated and get to test the amazing products at home. Once hooked, they’ll come back for another appointment!

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