6 Simple Features That Make Bathrooms Suitable for Disabled Users

Do you or someone in your family have a mobility issue that requires you to make some tweaks in the home for it to be safer and more functional? While there are several areas where you can make changes, one of the most important spaces to update will be the bathroom. Bathrooms are a place where slips and falls can happen at the best of times, never mind if you’ve got mobility issues. And there’s the fact that the bathroom is a very well-used space in the home. Here are six simple features that can make the bathroom safer and more suitable for disabled users.

A Mobility-Friendly Toilet Will be a Necessity

Mobility bathrooms need to include a mobility-friendly toilet. This style of toilet tends to sit a little higher, which makes it easier for those with mobility issues to use. You don’t have to crouch down as low to use it, making it easier on the joints and muscles. At the same time, it is perfectly functional for those in the house without mobility issues who will be using the same bathroom.

Use Non-Slip Mats

This tip is extremely simple and is also cost-effective. By using non-slip mats in the bathroom, you can ensure that your footing will be stable at all times. This is also important in the shower/bathtub so that falls can be avoided.

Install a Detachable Shower Head

Does your shower have a stationary shower head that is permanently fixed to the wall? If so, it’s not exactly convenient for those with mobility issues. By installing a detachable shower head, you give more options to the user, including the ability to sit in the shower and still use the shower head with ease.

A Bench or Stool in the Shower Makes All the Difference

Speaking of sitting in the shower, you can also install a bench or use a shower stool in the shower to make things easier and more comfortable. If you choose a shower stool, just be sure it is meant for the shower so that it’s waterproof and has good grip on the legs.

Look into a Curbless Shower

If you have a bit more money to spend in the budget and want to make more substantial updates, installing a curbless shower can be a great option. This means there is no lip when stepping in/out of the shower. It is level with the floor so you walk right in.

Lever Taps Can be Much Simpler to Use

Did you know that even the taps you use can be swapped out to something easier to use? Lever taps don’t require any twisting or turning, which makes them a simpler option. As a bonus, they are extremely stylish so they can give the bathroom a more modern look.

All of these features are simple enough to install, yet they will have a huge impact on how safe and convenient the bathroom is for disabled users.

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