5 Interesting Facts About Fenway Park

fenway park facts

5 Interesting Facts About Fenway Park

If you’re a baseball aficionado, you will have heard of Fenway Park already. After all, it is one of the most popular baseball stadiums in the world and the iconic attraction in Boston. Home to the Boston Red Sox, the historical stadium might be well known, but there are still many things about Fenway Park that the common public is unaware of. Below, we discuss five such rarely known interesting facts that will never leave you bored

  • You might know that the first game ever played in Fenway Park was between the Red Sox and the New York Highlanders. Did you know it was the stadium’s first extra-innings game too?
  • While famous for being a baseball stadium primarily, Fenway Park has hosted football, lacrosse, and other sports games too.
  • The opening of the Fenway Park stadium was postponed thrice due to rain playing spoilsport.
  • Fenway Park was not allowed to hold games on Sundays until 1932. It was because, according to the laws, until then, the stadium was too near its surrounding churches for Sunday games to be permissible.
  • Fenway Park’s total capacity is 37,673, but on one occasion in the 1935, around 47,627 people gathered to watch a game there. The game was played against the Yankees.

We hope we’ve increased your repository of knowledge about this dear baseball venue. Don’t forget to use this trivia to impress your fellow baseball fanatic friends at the next game.

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