5 Cosmetic Surgeries With Surprising Health Benefits

5 Cosmetic Surgeries With Surprising Health Benefits

Cosmetic surgery, while it’s an elective procedure, can offer you benefits beyond aesthetic improvement. You may think you’re only fixing the bump on your nose or removing a skin tag, but after you heal, you’ll find yourself feeling better all around. Learn about a few cosmetic surgeries with surprising health benefits and get informed on what they can do!

Breast Reduction

People who undergo breast reduction surgery often do so due to severe pain. Larger breasts can cause back and neck pain, as well as consistent headaches and decreased self-esteem. As you heal from your breast reduction procedure, you’ll find that you stand taller, fit more comfortably into your clothes, and experience a boost in confidence!


A nose job improves the symmetry of your face and smooths out any bumps. Other people see a symmetrical face as more approachable and friendly, so rhinoplasty could have plenty of social benefits—but it can also drastically improve your breathing. When your surgeon corrects a deviated septum or smooths out a bump in your nose, they’ll open up your nasal passages for easier breathing.


Plenty of people looking to lose weight enlist some surgical help. It’s a smart move, too; liposuction permanently removes the fat cells in those treatment areas. While it’s not meant to be a replacement for exercise and a healthy diet, liposuction can help remove fat from tricky areas like the arms and “love handles.” Keep a healthy diet and exercise regimen after your surgery, and you’ll be better able to maintain a healthy BMI.

Eye Lifts

Extra sagging skin around the eyes can be aesthetically unpleasant. But did you know that those skin folds also have an effect on vision? If you undergo an eye lift, you’ll find as you recover that you can see better, especially in your peripherals. There’s no extra skin blocking your vision.

Gender Affirmation

A person transitioning from female to male or from male to female will often seek out surgical procedures that make them feel at home in their body. Breast augmentation or removal (“top surgery”), genital reconstruction (“bottom surgery”), and facial feminization or masculinization all reduce body dysphoria. If you seek out gender-affirming cosmetic surgeries that suit you, your mental health will improve drastically and you’ll be more confident facing the world as your true gender.

Cosmetic surgical procedures aren’t just for the surface. Undergoing cosmetic surgery can drastically improve your physical and mental health. These cosmetic surgeries with surprising health benefits aren’t just skin-deep!

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