The Different Applications of a Skid Steer

The Different Applications of a Skid Steer

When professionals think of skid steer equipment, it’s common for them to think about a select few activities, like trenching and snow removal. However, these machines are far more versatile than that. In fact, they’re used in more industries than many would guess. These are some of the different applications of skid steers and how these devices suit each specific job.


First and foremost, people most often use skid steers for projects that involve excavation and digging. With their scooping attachment equipped, they can pick up several hundred pounds of dirt at one time and safely move it to the proper dumping location. Skid steers can make quick work of traditionally long tasks, improving the efficiency of the following projects.


Because of their digging prowess, skid steers also make a great addition to any construction company’s tool kit. In using these machines, construction teams can move larger resources with minimal manual labor. They also allow workers to utilize more materials at one time. This increases the speed of a project and makes the build go faster TBH.


Another of the different applications of a skid steer to consider is in the landscaping industry. Whether it’s commercial or residential, landscaping activities require ample labor and resources to complete. For this reason, it’s common for professional landscapers to utilize skid steers when working on particularly large properties. Skid steers make moving sections of land easy and increase the control that professionals have over the result.

Agricultural Work

Though many think of skid steers as industrial equipment, they can help with certain jobs in the farming industry. Their primary attachments make them effective tillers and diggers. Also, equipping them with bucket components can streamline the process of cleaning out barns and stables. Additionally, bale attachments make moving bundles of hay a breeze.

Material Handling

Above all, though, skid steers make great tools for handling heavy or potentially dangerous materials. Warehousing is the most common example of this. From parcels to prep for shipping to scrap metals sent to storage, these machines can lift several times what humans can and transport them to their desired destination. However, you must equip your machine with the right skid steer tires if you want to get the most out of their use.

So the next time you ask yourself what you can use a skid steer for, consider this diverse list of applications. Since these tools are highly customizable, they can suit various needs with a few adjustments. As such, if you need a piece of equipment for a particular task, a skid steer might be just what you’re looking for.

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