The Things You Didn’t Know About Childbirth

The Things You Didn’t Know About Childbirth

Childbirth has been around for as long as people have walked the Earth, and it is not going away anytime soon. However, with that said, the way people deliver children has changed over time with the advent of technology and better medical understandings of the process. Still, some things are true to childbirth that the wider public is unaware of. Read on to learn the things that you didn’t know about childbirth.

There’s a Lot of Blood

Partly because of media and mothers not wanting to discuss the gruesome details, many people believe that childbirth is a challenging but overall clean process. This could not be farther from the truth. During delivery, there will be blood. You may expect some blood, but it will be more than you think. The medical staff works to hide this from the mother to not freak them out, and that’s a good thing. Seeing blood-soaked medical gowns could turn your birth experience into a nightmare.

Doctors Can Break Your Water

The water breaking during childbirth is not actually water but the amniotic fluid that protects your baby. In many cases, someone’s water will break and trickle out, but in some cases, the doctors may break the water for you. For example, doctors may artificially break your water to induce labor or speed along a stalled labor. Sometimes, they may even break your water to monitor the baby in the case of high-risk labor. They do all of this to make childbirth easier, but it may surprise those not expecting it.

The Doctor May Cut You

Childbirth is a difficult process, and the mother has to do a lot of pushing for the baby to come out. Sometimes, that pushing is not enough. The mother may not be dilating as she should, or the baby could be too big or in an awkward position. A lot can happen in childbirth, and to speed up the process, doctors may sometimes cut the perineum to help get the baby out. This cut is known as an episiotomy, and it could be incredibly painful, but if you have an epidural, you will likely not feel it. However, recovery will be a different story.

These things you didn’t know about childbirth may seem alarming, but it’s not as if the medical professionals are trying to keep it from you. Instead, they don’t discuss these unsavory details as often because they only want to mention the positives of childbirth! Hopefully, you can better appreciate the mothers in your life with a better understanding of everything that goes on with childbirth.  

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