3 Tips for Choosing the Right Isolation Gowns for Your Hospital

Right Isolation Gowns for Your Hospital

Are you looking for a solution to germ prevention in hospitals?

Hospitals rely on people wandering from one patient to the next. While visitors and hospital staff alike mean well, they can spread germs from one patient to the next. With a growing pandemic, hospital visits are more challenging than ever, and more preventative measures are called for.

That’s why isolation gowns have made a comeback in the last few years.

Read below to learn more about why you need to invest in gowns for isolation, as well as some tips for finding the best isolation gowns.

1. Identifying Needs & Prioritizing Safety

When choosing isolation gowns for your hospital, identifying needs and prioritizing safety should be your top priority. Begin by assessing the needs of the hospital and understanding the type of gown needed for the environment. Choose a gown that meets the safety requirements of your facility, such as being fluid-resistant, using color-coded sizing, and having a secure fit.

To ensure that the fabric allows air permeability while also offering enough protection and comfort, be sure to visit Synergymedco.com. Other types of gowns are available that may better suit your medical isolation gowns environment, such as disposable, non-sterile, sterile, reusable, and more.

Also, always check the labels of your gowns to make sure they meet the relevant standards and regulations. Having the right isolation gowns is essential in keeping your staff and patients safe, so be sure to choose the right ones and prioritize safety.

2. Types of Gowns

You need to evaluate the type of gown needed for your facility. Do you expect higher levels of infection control, or are lighter-duty gowns requiring lower levels of protection sufficient?

There should also be thought given to the type of closure needed for the gown (such as ties, snaps, or Velcro). Comfort is also an essential factor in choosing the right isolation gown, as well as the range of sizes available for the option of hospital gown chosen.

Be sure to select isolation gowns that meet the standard for ASTM Level 3 protection and have been certified by the CDC and AAMI.

3. Effective Options for A Budget

When selecting the right disposable isolation gowns for a hospital on a budget, it is important to consider quality, comfort, durability, and safety.

Start by looking for gowns that can be safely laundered and disinfected. Certain fabrics like polyester, polypropylene, and polyethylene have been proven to perform well in these areas.

Also, look for gowns made of one layer of material rather than multiple layers, as this should reduce costs. Look for a gown that is fitted with ties or snaps in the back, preserving integrity in the unfortunate event of hazards.

Considering the Right Isolation Gowns

Choosing the right isolation gowns for your hospital is key to any successful medical team’s safety. To make the best decision for your medical supplies and team, ensure the gowns are docile with public health standards and fit each staff member with the right gowns.

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