3 Fun Gift Ideas for the Person in Your Life Who is Hard to Please

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Getting a gift for someone can be a great way to help them mark a special occasion like a birthday or special anniversary. When you have a good sense of what a person’s interests, likes and dislikes are, the process of buying them a present might very well be a fun and enjoyable one.

However, when the person that you are trying to buy a gift for is particularly tough to please, you might find yourself struggling to think of a good gift idea. You want to find a present that you know they will both appreciate and find useful, but this can be a tough standard to meet when they aren’t particularly forthcoming about the types of things they would enjoy.

Furthermore, if their interests are too specific, you might find the process of buying them a gift too restricting. In such scenarios, there is also the risk that you will accidentally get them the same gift that someone else thought of as well.

If you are having difficulty finding the perfect gift for someone in your life who is particularly hard to please, here are three fun ideas for you to consider.

1. An Online Course in Something Unique

When the person you are shopping for is particularly tough to please, sometimes the best gift is the gift of knowledge. Online courses in unique topics can be incredibly affordable, and your friend can start their course whenever they have time to do so. Simply pick a topic that you know they would enjoy and sign them up.

For instance, if you know that your friend loves to entertain, consider getting them an online course in mixology so that they can whip up creative cocktails at their next party. If your friend is interested in what lies beyond the confines of our own world, consider signing them up for a course in UFO’s.

2. A Subscription Box

Sometimes the best gift to get someone is the gift of choice. However, purchasing a gift card can be a bit generic and not quite appropriate for a special occasion. In order to give them some degree of choice when it comes to a present, consider signing them up for a subscription box.

Whether they love trying out new wines or if they have yet to find their signature scent, a subscription box can allow them to make a selection of a specific type of item online and have samples of their selections delivered right to their door.

3. A Commemorative Piece of Wall Art

One great gift that even the pickiest person in your life would enjoy is a nice piece of wall art that commemorates a special time or experience in their life. If they love to travel, you can get them a personalized picture that shows all of the airports they have visited in their life. This can provide a lovely visual of all the adventures they have gone on so far.

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