Best Ways to Lead a More Environmentally Friendly Life in 2021

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You would be forgiven for failing to truly appreciate the devastating impact that the human race continues to have on the planet, wildlife and atmosphere of the earth.

 In these modern times, convenience and affordability are constantly favored over sustainability and now, more than ever, is the time for everyone to take responsibility for their carbon footprint and their impact on the environment.

1.   Seriously Decrease Your Use of Plastic

Since the early 1950’s, the human race has collectively produced approximately 8.4 billion metric tons of plastic, to the detriment of the entire planet. There is a plethora of harmful effects the use of plastic has on not just the planet as a whole, but the health and wellbeing of the human race.

Exposure to the high toxicity levels of the chemicals used to create plastic has been linked to certain types of cancers and a host of other health concerns and plastic is also the principal destroyer of wildlife. Pollution caused by the use of plastic has a devastating and far-reaching effect and it is your responsibility to reduce your individual usage of plastic as much as humanly possible.

2.   Install Solar Panels In Your Home

Having decided to lead a more environmentally friendly life, there is no better way to help the planet and preserve the earth for future generations than to install solar paneling to the exterior of your home.

Solar panels for home use have a plethora of benefits, including a significant reduction on the reliance of nonrenewable energy sources, a decrease in your energy bills and overall affordability of running your home and a reduction in both air and water pollution to the planet.

3.   Experiment with Vintage Clothing Trends

The fashion industry is one of the main reasons why the human race are addicted to one-time use, unsustainable shopping and this is to the extreme detriment of the environment. Instead of buying cheap, on-trend clothing that only lasts for a season before you throw it away, choosing to wear authentically vintage threads is not only bang on-trend but incredibly more ethical and kinder to the environment.

4.   Practice Energy Conservation As A Standard

Becoming more environmentally conscious starts within your own home and there are a multitude of ways to practice energy conversation as a standard within your daily life and routine.

When you are washing your clothing and dishes, only ever use your machines when the load is as full as possible, ensure you turn off all lights and plug sockets when you have finished with them, program your computer and other devices to hibernate or sleep after a certain amount of time sitting idle and always use your toaster oven or microwave instead of your main oven whenever possible.

Other ways to practice energy conservation as standard include reducing the amount of meat you consume, recycling absolutely everything that you bring inside your home and endeavoring to never waste food.

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