How to Successfully Promote Your Local Show

How to Successfully Promote Your Local Show

Performing in front of a live audience is thrilling. However, no matter whether you’re putting on a comedy show, concert, art exhibit, play, or another event, getting an audience in the door is something that every independent artist struggles to do. Here are ways to successfully promote your local show that can help you both financially and creatively.

Create a Killer Poster

Creating a unique, eye-catching poster can cause people to do an immediate double-take and give it a once-over. You may only have seconds to attract someone’s attention as they walk by your promotional materials. Have some fun with the designs and go as far out as possible to make something that stands out. Commission local artists when you can to instill the poster with a sense of style.

Make Easy to Share Videos

Try to make promotional content that can quickly break down why people should see your show in an easy-to-digest way. Consider crafting a video using motion graphics that are catchy and easy to share with other people. You can also record trailers or sneak previews that can hook an audience and, with luck, go viral.

Social Media Bomb

The wonderful thing about using social media for advertising is that it’s free, and everyone is on there all the time. Make sure you create events on Facebook that you can quickly invite people to and make it shareable so that other people can do the same. Post practice pictures, information, and more consistently up until the day of the event so that your show is always in the back of people’s minds.

Get the Word Out

Your best bet, especially early on, is to let people already in your social circles know you’re having a show. Friends, family, and coworkers are more likely to attend events when they already know the people involved. Encourage everyone to tell their friends and family about the show, and you’ll have a built-in audience ready to go.

When you’re trying to figure out how to successfully promote your local show, the best thing you can do is have a quality performance. The better your presentation, the more people will want to see it, and the whole thing will begin to promote itself.

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