10 Ways To Dramatically Improve City Life

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New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago were the three most populated American cities in 2019.

City life isn’t for everyone, which is why it’s important to maximize space and create an inviting atmosphere for residents and tourists.

If you’re looking for ten ways to improve city life, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our favorite suggestions.

1. Encourage Creative Hubs 

Hubs are specific areas where professionals gather and collaborate on projects. You can create a hub that has desks, offices, a conference room, and a space for business events.

And you don’t have to reserve hubs for professionals. A well-designed city encourages people to learn about local affairs and get involved with the community.

There should be green spaces with seating areas so everyone can discuss ideas and learn together. In fact, research found green spaces offer protection against mood disorders, depression, and stress-related issues.

Cities should also consider blue spaces where the city’s design focuses on visible water. For instance, waterfront parks or fountains can improve the residents’ quality of life.

2. Embrace Street Art 

Not sure how to make a better city?

Welcome and encourage creativity to celebrate big city life. Not just graffiti or murals, but cities should host outdoor exhibitions where artists can showcase their sculptures or other artwork.

Dotting art and visuals around the city improve it’s aesthetic and adds vibrancy so locals and tourists can appreciate the artwork while they’re waiting for the bus or walking back home.

3. Make Parks a Multi-Use Destination

One of the best city improvements to consider is maintaining parks and plazas.

Many urban-dwellers visit parks to relax so it’s crucial that it’s looked after; otherwise, it could become a place of crime or danger.

If there’s currently a park, experiment with the design and consider adding a plaza so people socialize there. This will also encourage businesses to open in the area, a fantastic way to boost the city’s economy.

4. Offer City Storage Solutions

Cities thrum with tourists, so it’s important to accommodate them and their needs. Many visitors in transit are often lumbered with their luggage because it’s too early to check-in or they’re waiting for an evening flight.

Because of this, cities should have adequate luggage storage where tourists can leave their belongings and sight-see knowing it’s safe. 

5. Create Spaces to Collaborate 

There’s no better way to promote good city life health than having basic infrastructure like clean water, sanitation, and robust sewage treatment.

Every neighborhood should have stores that offer fresh produce at affordable prices. Unfortunately, many cities have food deserts where residents have little access to healthy food options.

To combat this, cities can create a harvest festival or daily produce markets so citizens live and eat well.

6. Try Placemaking 

Placemaking is where people reimagine and reinvent public spaces in their community. For instance, many cities are filled with cars and traffic because the layout is designed to accommodate them.

Its important citizens can discuss and vote on how to enhance their public spaces and brainstorm creative ideas. Instead of only supporting cars, the city could introduce an aerial tram system so everyone can easily connect to the city center. Plus, public transport is better for the environment.

7. Design a Bicycle-Friendly City

Creating a culture around cycling has many benefits for a city.

Bicycles mean fewer cars and free roads, a fantastic way to create more pedestrian-friendly walkways.

The city can also capitalize on bicycles by renting them out to tourists or hosting bicycle tours. Further, tourists will be more enticed to visit a bicycle-friendly destination because it lets them discover a place in a new way.

A surge in cyclists also means citizens can open bicycle shops and repairs, so there are more jobs available.

8. Set Up a Community Garden 

Research shows people who garden for 30 minutes a week experience better moods.

To ensure everyone reaps the benefits, create a community garden to improve eating habits, and make healthy food accessible to everyone. Residents may not have space or the know-how to grow their own vegetables but community gardens let them join and meet others in their neighborhood.

9. Create Festivals 

Festivals are a fantastic way to boost tourism and attract likeminded people to an event. Besides music festivals, you can focus on food, educational, and comedy shows to inspire the community.

Also, festivals produce jobs, inspire attendees, increase cash flow, and raise awareness of the city on a national or international level.

Cities should also consider hosting sporting events like marathons because they attract hundreds of runners around the world. When cities host marathons, it boosts tourism as visitors rely on public transportation, hotels, restaurants, and want to partake in post-run sightseeing which is fantastic for the city’s economy.

10. Define the City’s Old Town

Every city has an old town so take measures to preserve it for locals and tourists. You can imagine walkways, old buildings, and cozy street cafes which cities must protect.

The local council must preserve or restore buildings and outline the old town as it’ll be the first place the tourists will visit.

That’s How to Improve City Life

Now you know ten ways to improve city life and encourage inspiration amongst its citizens.

Cities must consider their urban design and introduce green or blue spaces to improve the residents’ well-being. It’s important to encourage cycling and walking as it encourages exercise and a healthy lifestyle. 

When a city focuses on providing a good quality of life, it’ll reap many economic and social benefits. Happy designing!

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