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Ladybird Facts

There are more than 5000 ladybird species. Ladybirds usually eat plant lice. However, Asian species when introduced to the Europe attacked European ladybirds. Dots on the ladybirds have nothing to do with the years of living. Some ladybirds have up to 22 dots on the back. Average lifespan of these cute bugs is three years. Some people believe that ladybirds can predict the weather. If they fell off your hand it would rain, if they flew away it would be fine.

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I wish they were more facts about ladybird.
sahil at 05:08PM, Apr 28th 2014.
these are intresting facts so cool wish u can tell more wow
khushi at 01:19PM, Oct 25th 2013.
you do not have to be so mean about this. Thanks for creating this website it really helped me finish my project for school ;)
Rebecca at 03:35AM, Jul 31st 2013.
Jan Carlo wrote:
Salvador wrote: #
it's not ladybird it's ladyBUG


you lot don't know anything about ladyBIRDS im a ladyBIRD expert...
lolololol at 01:47PM, Oct 14th 2012.
i wish there were more facts :(
katie at 08:57AM, Jul 11th 2011.
do lady birds bite and are some ladybirds poisen
CHARLOTTE at 05:34AM, Jun 26th 2011.
ladybirds are amaizing.I never knew those facts
CHARLOTTE at 05:32AM, Jun 26th 2011.
dose ladybirds eat leaves?
sara at 12:01AM, Mar 5th 2011.
Mohsen Forootannasab
here (Middle east- Kurdistan), we make a wish, the if the ladybird flies away then our wish will come true
Mohsen Forootannasab at 06:00PM, Dec 30th 2010.
hello if you are american and you are arguing about their name is because british people call them ladybirds but americans call the ladybirds so thanks for listening and i hope that has answered something
morg at 12:43PM, Oct 3rd 2010.
Hey, do the red and black spotted ladybirds bite? x
hylands at 06:28AM, Sep 22nd 2010.
Salvador wrote: #
it's not ladybird it's ladyBUG

its lady bird not ladybug exuse me
chloe at 06:06PM, May 15th 2010.
Jan Carlo
Salvador wrote: #
it's not ladybird it's ladyBUG

Jan Carlo at 06:36AM, May 5th 2010.
hello... I am being invaded with ladybirds!! Each day I am finding about 7 of them...some with 16 spots, some black with red spots... Are they getting ready to hibernate?
lisa at 09:11AM, Oct 23rd 2009.
why are we all taking about lady birds lol and there are ladty birds not LADY BUGS !!! lol x
emma at 02:03PM, Oct 20th 2009.
cool but make it colourful yours is grey
SHANICE LOTT at 03:29AM, Jun 24th 2009.
wahahahhaha.... ladybird.... :)
fhifhi at 03:47AM, May 13th 2009.
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From Wikipedia:

Coccinellidae is a family of beetles, known variously as ladybirds (British English, Australian English, South African English), ladybugs (North American English) or lady beetles (preferred by some scientists). Lesser-used names include ladyclock, lady cow, and lady fly.
Interesting Facts at 01:18PM, Jan 20th 2009.
it's not ladybird it's ladyBUG
Salvador at 03:07AM, Jan 20th 2009.

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