Ladybird or Lady Bug Facts

What Do Lady Bugs Eat?

LadyBug and Lady Bug

They are called lady bugs or lady beetles in America. There are more than 5000 ladybird species. Ladybirds usually eat plant lice. However, Asian species when introduced to the Europe attacked European ladybirds. Dots on the ladybirds have nothing to do with the years of living.

Ladybird Facts

Some ladybirds have up to 22 dots on the back. Average lifespan of these cute bugs is three years. Some people believe that ladybirds can predict the weather. If they fell off your hand it would rain, if they flew away it would be fine. In Europe there are 6 spots in domestic ladybirds.  These creatures are among the most interesting small creatures on Earth, much like the wolf spiders, praying mantis, and earwigs.  

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However, there is a wide spread of yellow ladybugs introduced from Asia and United States. These bugs produce toxin that kills more lice than regular ladybugs, but these toxins can also be very harmful to those allergic to this toxic substance. There are conspiracy theories suggesting that these bugs were genetically developed to kill more lice on the crops. In any case domestic ladybirds are not immune to these toxins and their existence is questioned by many scientists.

ladybird facts
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Lady Bugs
Ladybugs called lady beetles and ladybirds belong to the family Coccinellidae. There are approximately 5000. All around the world lives, except in Antarctica and the areas of Europe, North America and Asia. The natural habitat for ladybugs is regions of dense vegetation, like forests, meadows, weed patches and gardens. A ladybug’s average lifetime is two to three years. They which range from 0.8 to 18 millimeters. They’re orange commonly red, or yellow with black spots with heads, black legs and antennae. And also the colourings, a few ladybug species are blue, white, gray, brown, pink and black. Additionally some species might have no markers, or stripes.

A ladybug has two eyes however it does not see very well. Ladybugs can just see the distinction between dark and light. The antenna is the thing that helps a ladybug aroma, flavor, and feel its way around. They do although a ladybug’s six short legs help it to walk. The legs of a ladybug helps it smell. Ladybugs have two pairs of wings, but just one pair is used to fly. The wings are strong and protect the wings. Wings or A back are flying wings. A ladybug beats its wings around about 85 beats a second or 5100 times each moment when it flies, working very hard much like a hummingbird.

The data shows they can in fact travel around 120 kilometers in one flight, although scientists believed that anything over 2 meters was a long distance trip for a ladybug. A detailed study has shown exactly the creatures traveling at heights in excess of 1, 100 meters and reaching speeds of 60 kilometers per hour. As cold blooded species, ladybugs mainly are diurnal, using as much sun as possible to feed and mating. Ladybugs in temperate areas usually hibernate throughout the winter. Thousands of ladybugs might gather in the same location, benefiting from the collective warmth of a colony. Ladybug communicate with one another mainly through chemical signals. 

Their distinctive spots and attractive colours are meant to make them unpleasant to predators. As threatened, exactly the bugs will secrete an oily, foul tasting fluid from joints in their legs. They can also play dead. Birds are ladybugs main predators, but they also become a victim of frogs, wasps, spiders, and dragonflies. Ladybugs eat aphids, cabbage moths, mites along with other small insects. Due to their appetite to get plant eating pests, ladybugs are each beneficial component to get any garden and act as each natural pesticide. Four phases exist in exactly the ladybug life cycle a process known as complete metamorphosis. As ladybugs feast on aphids along with other plant eating insects, following sexual mating, females deposit up to 300 fertilized eggs one of these plants.

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