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Candiru Fish In Your Penis

If you ever swim in the Amazon and Oranoco Rivers of South America please think twice before urinating in the water. Fish called Candiru or Carnero is attracted by urine smell (urea and ammonia) and it can insert it self into the penis or vagina while urinating. Then penis fish lodges itself somewhere in the urinary tract with its spines and it uses its mouth for feeding by sucking the blood. It is almost impossible for fish to survive inside of the human body. Removal of the fish is extremely hard due to the spines and if problem is not treated it can result in removal of the genitals.

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Know-It-All Woman
Okay, peeps, here's the skinny on the facts: The Candiru IS attracted to the urea and ammonia found in HUMAN URINE. This is true. So they swim UP the urine stream the human (male OR female) emits in the water. Urine is generally warmer than river water, and our urine "smells" (fish don't really smell, rather they have a sense of "taste") delicious to them, so up the human urine stream Candiru fish swims! The pain occurs INSTANTLY because this teeny, tiny little fish has SPINES that it "pops out" and imbeds into the lining of the urethra it swam into so that it is impossible for it to be "pissed out" along with human's strong urine stream. These spiny barbs that it imbeds into the SUPER SENSITIVE lining of the human urethra is what causes the IMMENSE, SUPER-INTENSE pain!!! With those sharp, spiny barbs stuck into a person's urethra (whether it's in a penis OR vagina), that person doesn't even feel the blood-sucking that occurs! It's the barbs that hurt so freakin' bad! There. The "Know-It-All Woman" has spoken. You all stand corrected or validated (if you were correct). :-) Good day, all!
Know-It-All Woman at 04:39PM, Apr 28th 2013.
mahendra wrote: #
does these fishes dosent urinate and y cant it go inside its own penis or vagina

rdx wrote: #
pls have sense in words

rdx wrote: #
pls have sense in words

rdx wrote: #
pls have sense in words

sam at 01:22AM, Jan 30th 2011.
Emmanuel at 12:40PM, Sep 17th 2009.
Smart Girl
Saw this happen while watchning Discovery Channel. Even though the fish is small, you will still feel it. The guy acting it out was screaming in agony.
Smart Girl at 02:00PM, Jul 28th 2009.
pls have sense in words
rdx at 04:27PM, Jul 19th 2009.
does these fishes dosent urinate and y cant it go inside its own penis or vagina
mahendra at 01:37PM, Jul 6th 2009.
Squiggly Meyers
could this have been prevented if the guy had swim trunks with the mesh lining that rides up your ass?
Squiggly Meyers at 12:29AM, Jun 4th 2009.
Urine doesn't come out of a lady's vagina, It comes out of her urethra (just like men have!), which is in front of it.
Angie at 08:32AM, Apr 18th 2009.
To alter a bit of this fact:
The fish isn't attracted to the "smell" but more the flow of water from your Penis/Vagina.

The fish aren very big so most likely you would'nt feel it untill it started to feed off your blood.

Lee at 12:39PM, Dec 17th 2008.

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