The Amazon’s tallest tree just got 50% taller – and scientists don’t know how

tallest tree in the amazon

Tallest Tree In The Amazon presents some really cool and exciting research about the tallest tree in the Amazon Rainforest. The tree is now 50% taller but we don’t know why or how. What’s really crazy is that the technology used to find this gem of nature is the same as that used in self driving cars and self driving trucks.

Very cool data and studying take place, much like that related to the oldest tree in the world and interesting facts about the Amazon Rainforest. In addition to these incredible forest lands, we still know so little about what is actually in the ocean.

The Amazon’s new record-breaking tree. Sometimes even the largest natural wonders can remain hidden from human view for centuries. The Amazon is a dense place, full of life with new species of flora and fauna being discovered every other day . Now, using the same technology that takes driverless […]

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