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YouTube Downloader for Mac

Do you need help watching YouTube with lousy internet? Download videos to your Mac or PC with Airy! Its super-fast downloads, easy-to-use interface, and many features make it the perfect YouTube downloader for Mac. Build playlists and watch offline download freedom, which starts now!

How to Download YouTube Videos on Mac or Windows

Airy provides a simple and intuitive interface for downloading YouTube videos on Mac and Windows computers. Follow these steps:

  • Download and install Airy on your computer.
  • Go to YouTube, copy the video URL you want to download, and paste it into Airy.
  • Choose the desired format and initiate the download.

The Features That Make Airy YouTube Downloader Stand Out

  • Airy offers several standout features, including:
    • High download and conversion speed.
    • There is no need for personal information or login.
    • Ability to handle large downloads without limits.
    • Available in 20 different languages.

Windows Version of Airy YouTube Downloader

  • Airy is not exclusive to Mac; it’s also available for Windows users. The Windows version of Airy offers the same functionality and features as the Mac version, ensuring a consistent experience across different operating systems. Airy lets you download YouTube videos easily using a Mac or a Windows PC.

Build your offline audio playlist.

  • Airy lets you create a playlist of offline audio files by downloading YouTube videos as MP3s. Perfect for enjoying music or podcasts without an internet connection.

Download at your own pace:

  • With Airy, you control the download speed and timing. Whether you want to download multiple videos quickly or take your time with individual downloads, Airy adapts to your preferences.

Browser integration for even more speed:

  • Airy smoothly integrates with your web browser, making initiating downloads directly from YouTube pages easy. This integration boosts download speed and efficiency, requiring fewer steps to save your favorite videos.

What’s the Difference Between macOS and Windows?

Both versions of Airy (Mac and Windows) offer similar features, ensuring a consistent user experience regardless of the operating system.

Is Airy 100% Free of Charge?

  • No, Airy is not entirely free. The full version can be purchased for $19.95 to unlock all features without restrictions.

Is There a Customer Support Department I Can Contact?

  • Yes, customer support is available for Airy users.

Is Airy Available on Mobile?

  • No, Airy is not available for mobile devices. It’s designed for Mac and Windows computers.

How to download YouTube videos on Android?

  • Airy is not available for Android devices. Users will need to find alternative methods for downloading YouTube videos on Android.

How to download YouTube videos on iPhone & iPad?

  • Airy is not available for iOS devices. Users must find alternative methods for downloading YouTube videos on iPhones and iPads.


Airy provides an efficient solution for downloading YouTube videos on both Mac and Windows. Its good interface, fast downloads, and browser integration make it a standout choice. While not free, its $19.95 price tag is reasonable considering its features. With customer support available, Airy is a reliable option for your downloading needs.


How can I download YouTube videos?

Use online websites, browser extensions, or software programs.

What is a website that can download videos from YouTube?

Try,, or

How do I download YouTube videos to my computer using Chrome?

Install a browser extension like “Video Downloader Plus” and click the download button.

How do I download YouTube videos with VLC?

Open VLC, go to “Media” > “Open Network Stream,” paste the URL, play the video, then right-click and select “Save Video As.”

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