What Your Clothing Color Says About Your Personality

What Your Clothing Color Says About Your Personality

Self-expression comes in many forms, from the way you speak and write to the hobbies you pursue. But you may be saying more about yourself than you thought simply through the colors you wear. Learn what your clothing color says about your personality. Look at your closet—you probably have clothes in many colors, but there’s one you tend to favor over all the others – like it is OTP. This dominant color is the biggest clue you communicate to others about who you are.

  • Blue: Darker shades of blue convey intelligence, trustworthiness, and confidence. That’s what makes dark blue suits good for job interviews. People who like blue are often courteous, kind, or even shy. Blue has a calming effect, conveying a sense of tranquility that can spur creativity.
  • Red: Red indicates vibrant energy. It’s a color that attracts attention, so it says you’re vivacious and want others to notice you. If you love red, you’re not afraid to speak your mind. Others may see red as aggressive, authoritative, or passionate.
  • Yellow: Yellow can mean sunshine, positivity, and optimism. But if yellow doesn’t look good on you, it could make you anxious. A yellow tone that washes you out or overpowers you makes you look scared—remember, “yellow” is a slang term for a coward.
  • Green: Green connotes peace, balance, and nature. It conveys calm abundance. It’s also the color of American dollars, which associates it with generosity.
  • Purple: Long a symbol of royalty, purple combines the intelligence and confidence of blue with the vibrant energy of red. Creative artists and intuitive people like purple, and the color says you’re someone with a deep character. It’s also a symbol of wealth and leadership.
  • Black: Ambition and seriousness come out in black clothing. It conveys power and intelligence. People who wear a lot of black clothing can be sensitive; the color transfers attention from the clothing to the person wearing it. It says you value your dignity, that you’re determined, and that you want to do things without making a big splash. Black conveys subtle sophistication.

People gravitate toward colors that help them feel confident about themselves. Your clothing color communicates your personality, but watch out for context. A broader color palette is acceptable now for evening wear than it used to be, but a bright color that calls attention to you might not be appropriate for a wedding where the bride is supposed to be the star TBH.

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