What You Need To Know About the History of the Dump Truck

What You Need To Know About the History of the Dump Truck

From a young age, dump trucks have been one of the more noteworthy vehicles that kids learn about. You won’t find a sandbox without a Tonka Trunk nearby. Knowing about where these trucks came from makes it even more fun to see them now. Here is what you need to know about the history of the dump truck.

The Earliest Models

Even before we had gasoline engines, we had dump trunks! However, these took a different form and were more like a dump “trailer” than anything else. Horses helped to transport the first prototypes, and these vehicles usually just had two wheels. People working at coal mines, farms, and railroads were the first to adopt these because (as expected), these tools made it much easier to haul materials from one place to the other. Once at the final destination, all the workers had to do was to open up the back gate on the trailer and allow everything to fall out.

Here Come the Hoist

It wasn’t long after that that someone figured out the “tipping” mechanism with a hand hoist. At first, this was a disaster with how the weight changed when people tried to release it. But, soon after, they figured out how to design carts that tipped back correctly. Motorized vehicles started to be more mass-produced at this time, taking “dump trailers” to the next level.

Demand During Wartime

Unsurprisingly, a significant turning point that you need to know about the history of the dump truck is their value during World War I. They were durable enough to efficiently carry massive loads from point A to point B. Then, engineers figured out how to design trucks with hydraulics, making the trucks much more efficient. Miners and railroad workers seized the opportunity to add these handy pieces of equipment to their trades.

Modern Times

The dump truck’s design has only allowed it to become stronger, more stable, and more reliable over time. These trucks have better fuel-efficient and more durable load capabilities. Many have different features now, like bottom- or side-releasing abilities.

Many companies continue to improve upon dump trucks, making them one of the most important types of vehicles today.

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