Surprising Benefits of Installing Outdoor Smoking Shelters

Surprising Benefits of Installing Outdoor Smoking Shelters

Understandably, many non-smokers might balk at the idea of smoking shelter benefits. Don’t worry; these enclosures don’t symbolize support for cigarettes. Instead, smoking shelters benefit smokers and non-smokers equally. Shockingly, these outdoor enclosures might help non-smokers and business owners the most. Look at the list below to learn the surprising benefits of installing outdoor smoking shelters.

Discourages Elusive Smokers

A dedicated smoking area can help prevent visitors from smoking indoors or in elusive spots around the building exterior. Instead of individuals creating pockets of unofficial smoking spots around the building, you can set up a dedicated shelter for folks to flock to throughout the day.

Universities, offices, and restaurants are just a few places that can benefit from discouraging smoking in or around the building. Plus, not only does discouraging indoor smoking prevent bad smells, but it also diminishes health hazards.

Maintains a Healthy Indoor Environment

One of the best benefits of installing outdoor smoking shelters is that it promotes better air quality. Whether a building is illegally allowing indoor smoking or an employee is sneaking in cigarettes throughout the day, secondhand smoke will accumulate. That’s harmful to everyone inside. That said, if someone is smoking too close to an open window or entryway, secondhand smoke still poses a threat.

For these reasons, many states across the US, such as Illinois and New Jersey, have laws to prevent smoking in workplaces and other areas accessible to the public. Plus, building smoking enclosures tells visitors that they can smoke, but only within the limits of state laws. This creates a more inviting atmosphere for everyone.

Creates an Inviting Atmosphere

Providing a smoking shelter to employees or visitors is an inviting, inclusive gesture. Instead of turning away folks who smoke, your building can allow smokers and non-smokers to exist harmoniously. For example, a restaurant that doesn’t provide a smoking area might push away potential customers or workers.

Whatever the purpose of your building is, be sure to find a great spot away from any windows or doorways before installing a quality outdoor smoking shelter. That way, you can ensure anyone can come by the building and expect clean, safe air. So, now that you know the advantages of these enclosures, you can start planning one for your facility today.

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