What Is Basic Income Guarantee?

universal basic income

UBI, or Universal Basic Income, is also generally linked to BIG – Basic Income Guarantee. Both terms are defining and describing the same thing – a monthly stipend paid by the government unilaterally across the board to all citizens.

We can debate the true intent or motivation for such a program, but its existence and format is not rocket science. Everyone gets a monthly check.

Lots of questions surround such a program the least of which is certainly not inflation and hyperinflation. Where will all this new money come from? How much is money worth of it can be printed from nothing and handed out for free? Maybe it’s time to further consider Bitcoin and services such as Lolli to store and preserve personal wealth.

This idea of UBI is not crazy either. In fact, it’s already in motion in 2019 right in California in addition to various places in Europe.

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