What If QuickBooks error 15215 servers not responding?

QuickBooks error 15215

If you are an active user of QuickBooks software, it is certain of you to have to face issues or errors regarding 15215. This occurs specifically when you are downloading any payroll updates. The problem can also lead to a significant disturbance of your digital signature being unidentified.

When you try to download your payroll update, the error constantly pops out, causing serious complications and conflict to open or accessing other applications. This will lead to your payroll making errors with the connections to the server. 

Not just that, it can also be caused by a firewall or firewall settings that will prevent the QuickBooks payroll from connecting to the server. This error indeed will provide a restriction on the server and you will have issues with no response. For you to access the payroll, download the update and make other applications work properly, you have to fix the error.

Let’s Discuss the Causes of the Error

There can be a bunch of reasons why your QuickBooks faces error 15215. User may face the error update because of: 

  1. A serious malware or a virus that has affected your windows system
  2. QuickBooks is unable to verify and approve the digital signature or any other file that you might have placed to download the update
  3. There is a possible chance of the error occurring due to incorrect configuration of Microsoft IE
  4. A seamlessly slower or imperfect, the incomplete installation has occurred, corrupting the download of your update in Payroll for Quick Books.

The Symptoms of Error 15215

  1. You are constantly popped with the error 15215 on your screen, not allowing you to access QuickBooks software easily
  2. You notice unusual corrupt files or desktop frequently getting corrupted when the QuickBooks software is running on your system
  3. QuickBooks 15215 error is displayed again and again
  4. You are frequently being notified of the error, causing freezing of your desktop for a few second
  5. The window is comparatively slower, and not working as it used to worth smoothly
  6. Your mouse might operate slightly slow depending upon your inpu.
  7. It crashes the window as soon as it appears

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Solutions to Resolve QuickBooks Error 15215

Reboot your Computer

Users can try to use the very first method which is also workable, that is to restart or reboot your windows, computer system. Sometimes, when you restart your computer, you can be able to fix most of the unwanted error that is related to network issues, the internet as well as printing issues too. However, if you still get to experience the problem, and still facing Error 15215 regularly, you have to follow other solutions below.

QuickBooks enterprise hosting as a Window Administrator

  1. Running as a window administrator will make your Desktop take over the priority over most other programs. 
  2. To work properly and get rid of the problem, it will also tell Window to allow QuickBooks to handle all sorts of programs.
  3. Firstly, see if the QuickBooks desktop program is closed. 
  4. On your desktop, click right on the icon
  5. Select the option “Run as Administrator”
  6. You will further be prompted with a message “Do you want to allow the program to make changes in your computer, gives Access by saying YES.


  1. The next solution can be checked if the TLS 1.0 is checked and the rest to USE TLS 1.1, 1.2 are unchecked. This can be seen in the Internet options 2ondow or the explorer. This process needs to be carried out with the following steps mentioned below
  2. You need to shut down the QuickBooks program first
  3. In the Internet Explorer, navigate to the ‘Tools’ icon in that ‘Internet options’ icon
  4. Hit the ‘Advanced’ tab
  5. Then, click on the ‘Advanced setting’ which will hunt out the other alternatives that are the use of TLS 1.0, USE TLS 1.1, Use TLS 1.2
  6. Now, you have to see if your Use TLS 1.0 is checked
  7. See, if the other Use TLS 1.1 and Use TLS 1.2 are unchecked
  8. Then move ahead by clicking on OK
  9. Make sure you close your Internet explorer
  10. Later on Reboot your computer 
  11. Reopen your QuickBooks desktop after rebooting
  12. Attempt to make a download of the update again

These steps if you follow, definitely will make you reach the right results. Any of the solutions you follow will help you out with the fixing of Error 15215. This will help you make use of the QuickBooks software seamlessly. Also, you will not notice any sort of corrupt files, mishandling of the Internet Explorer, desktop window failure, and so on. 

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