What Are Regular Cannabis Seeds? How They Compare to Feminized Seeds

Cannabis Seeds

Now that cannabis is legalized in most parts of the United States and Canada, many new and experienced users are trying out products. This comes with the demand for getting cannabis information, from how to grow to becoming a retailer.

Cannabis legalization allows it to be more accepted and to be used for medical benefits. As more growers produce THC edibles and other products, the demand for pharmaceutical-grade seeds increases.

Cannabis is a hyper-specific and indoor-fertile plant. To grow a plant that produces the same cannabis indica, many cultivators use feminized seeds.

What are feminized seeds? What are regular cannabis seeds? And how do they compare?

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What Are Regular Cannabis Seeds?

Regular cannabis seeds are seeds that naturally occur in nature. They are not genetically altered or bred in any way and come as nature intended.

These seeds contain both male and female plants. It means that users must choose their desired gender after the seeds germinate.

This type of cannabis seed is known for its thick and robust genetics. It is excellent for new gardeners looking to find a unique strain to grow.

After germination, regular cannabis plants can take 8-12 weeks to flower, with the complete life cycle taking 3-5 months. These seeds can produce robust and reliable smoke, often smoother than some feminized seeds. Regular seeds can also be a great way to stabilize a strain and breed out genetic weaknesses.

What Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds are a type of seed that has been usually bred to produce only female plants when they are grown. This is purposely done as female cannabis plants. These are the ones that are capable of producing the highest levels of THC compared to the male plants.

This type of seed can be a great opportunity for growers who want to maximize their cannabis yield without the need for male plants. It also reduces the risk of cross-pollination from male plants.

Feminized seeds are an increasingly popular option for many cannabis growers in the market. They offer quick and easy-to-grow plants with consistent results.

Furthermore, it also has plenty of benefits when it comes to managing the space of a grow room. There is no need to protect the male plants from the female plants like in regular seed production.

The Difference Between Regular Cannabis Seeds vs. Feminized Seeds

The choice between regular cannabis seeds and feminized seeds ultimately depends on the grower’s specific needs and preferences. Here are some scenarios where each type may be more suitable:

Breeding and Genetic Exploration

Regular cannabis seeds are the oldest form of cannabis seeds. It works well if a grower knows how to store cannabis seeds properly and also if they want to explore animal breeding and genetic exploration.

With regular seeds, cross-pollination is possible due to the female and male plants. This makes it easier to identify if the plants are growing desired traits through selective breeding.

It allows breeders to create unique strains and stabilize the genetics. While it is labor-intensive and requires experience, it can give growers a lot of control over the end product.

But, feminized seeds are usually produced by a variety of methods that can create exotic cannabis seeds. It also allows the plant to produce all female seeds. The result is a plant capable of producing high-quality flowers without the presence of male plants or pollination.

The thought behind this method is that it simplifies cultivation. Also, it makes it easier to grow a crop without worrying about males or the associated risk of pollination. While feminized seeds are an excellent choice for novice growers, they might not offer the same control or genetic exploration as regular seeds.

Outdoor Cultivation

Regular cannabis seeds can provide excellent results when grown outdoors but need a bit of extra effort for success. One main thing to consider is the presence of male plants. These male plants will fertilize female plants, leading to seeded buds that will limit the harvest.

Because of this, most regular cannabis seeds being grown outdoors will need the removal of the male plants, which can become quite laborious. Feminized cannabis seeds, however, are specifically bred to produce female plants only. As a result, growers can be confident that their harvest will be seedless and plentiful.

Feminized seeds also tend to be a bit harder. It makes them more suitable for outdoor conditions than normal cannabis. Overall, feminized are often the best choice for outdoors.

Novice Growers

Novice growers face an important decision when it comes to growing cannabis seeds. Regular cannabis seeds will produce both male and female plants. However, feminized seeds will only produce female plants.

Regular seeds are ideal for experienced growers who plan on breeding their plants. They will be able to save pollen from the male to use on the female plants.

Feminized seeds may be more convenient and save time. However, it also reduces genetic diversity in the cannabis plants.

This type of seed is best for novice growers, as they may not be comfortable separating the sexes and don’t have any use for the male plants. Also, it all comes down to the needs and preferences of the individual grower.

Regardless of whether you choose regular or feminized seeds, it is essential to buy cannabis seeds from reputable sources. It will ensure that you will receive authentic and viable marijuana seeds, increasing your chances of a successful cannabis cultivation experience.

Indoor Cultivation

Regular cannabis seeds have been popularly used by growers for centuries and will grow into whatever nature intended. Depending on the strain, it can produce both male and female plants.

A 50/50 ratio is the most common. This means an equal number of males and females.

For indoor cannabis cultivation, some growers prefer to use feminized cannabis seeds because they only produce female plants. This means that the time and energy used to grow males is usually saved and put towards growing more females.

Choose the Best Cannabis Seeds to Grow

Regular cannabis seeds are a great choice for those wishing to grow their own cannabis. They are easy to grow, can be regularly sourced, and provide for an assortment of strain types.

Feminized seeds require less work and are great for seeking higher yields. Ultimately, both options are suitable for all growers, so it’s up to you to determine which is the best choice for your cannabis needs. Try these seeds today and see the difference for yourself!

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